What are Hybrid Venues?

How They are Transforming Events

Hybrid venues offer event planners and businesses the opportunity to deliver face to face and virtual events via a secure live streaming platform.

Hybrid venues are fully equipped with professional AV and video production equipment. Some also have pre-built stages and sets, allowing the client to deliver an event, launch or conference in the traditional staged-event format.

We can expect to see UK hybrid venues increase in popularity this spring as we see hospitality venues reopen and face to face events return with a limited audience.

For the foreseeable future, hybrid venues will be the safe option for many event planners and businesses that need a professional space to engage with their audience.

What Are The Benefits of using a Hybrid Venue?

A venue with pre-installed professional video production studio, audio, lighting equipment and streaming software on hand and ready to go is a wise choice for many event planners and clients. It means the venue can facilitate events even if Covid-related restrictions change.

Think of it as a plan-b that is already built in to your event organisation. The equipment is there and ready to go, the crew are available to support the event, and the streaming software is top-of-the range. So if your audience ends up entirely virtual, you can still proceed as planned.

Why Venues Should Future Proof?

The impact of Covid-19 has undoubtedly accelerated the movement towards virtual and hybrid events. However, in reality they were around long before the pandemic.

For over 20 years we have been providing technical event production for international events and conferences. In this time, we’ve seen an increase in virtual events, long before the pandemic.

Even with the best intentions and planty of notice, not everyone is available to jump on a plane, train or in car to attend a conference. Yet, some information is too important to miss. Therefore, we have always included video production and streaming within our technical event production services. This is something our clients have always appreciated.

Although we hope to be meeting in person again soon, Covid-19 is something we need to live with. Our advise to venues is to prepare for a future of hybrid and virtual events.

It should never be underestimated how valuable hybrid venues are to businesses, especially at this time. If the UK can lead the way in hybrid venues, it will create a stronger and more solid platform for hosting international events in the future.

At TPP, we’re doing all we can to help venues deliver the services that businesses need right now.

How We Transform Regular Venues to Hybrid Venues?

To help venues increase their hybrid event offering, we have devised a range of installation services.

We can create a virtual event studio for all types of venues – from large conference centres and ball rooms to smaller meeting and function rooms. Each studio is specified to suit the space and the needs of existing and prospective clients.

By offering a range of hybrid facilities for large and small functions, venues can accommodate multiple conferences and events simultaneously.

hybrid venues

Large Hybrid Conferences

For a large conference centre we can set up a stage, set and lighting rig complete with controls.

The set and stage can feature bespoke artwork, or left blank for projection. We can fully furnish the stage with a coffee table, chairs, desk and digital lectern.

On the stage and throughout the room, we can provide screens to optimise viewing of presentations for the audience in the room.

Hybrid venues

Small Function Rooms with Hybrid Facilities

For smaller function rooms, we can create a scaled down version of the set and lighting, with fewer cameras and screens.

Although smaller in size, the set can still have projection and bespoke artwork. You can also include furnishings to complete the look.

Crew for Hybrid Events

Even though hybrid venues come fully equipped to host a virtual and face-to-face event, they don’t necessarily come with a professional crew. Ultimately, the crew will bring your event to life. Fortunately, we offer full crew for a variety of hybrid and virtual events and conferences, including:

  • Production manager
  • Floor manager
  • Audio technician
  • Lighting technician
  • Camera operators
  • Vision director
  • PowerPoint operator

Hybrid Venue Studio Installations

Discover how we can support your venue with our range of virtual and hybrid event production solutions.

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