Office and Home Video Production Studio

Design and Installation

The ultimate office and home video production studio for live streaming and pre-recorded conferences, presentations, training and vlogs.

Here at The Production People, we can design and install an office or home video production studio with all the essential equipment for professional online conferences, seminars, training, and vlogs.

Complete with set, lighting, HD camera set-up, video playback software and all the essential equipment required to live stream and pre-record online presentations.  


Why Host Corporate Conferences From the Home or Office?

The pandemic has left us all having to find a new way of working. With a large proportion of the world’s workforce now working from home and unable to travel, corporate conferences and international seminars are currently on hold. 

However, companies and corporate leaders still need to communicate with their workforce, colleagues and industry professionals.  For that reason, The Production People have developed an office or home video production studio design and installation service.

The office or home video production studio is the ultimate solution for stakeholders and business leaders, who need to regularly communicate essential corporate information to their teams and fellow industry professionals.

It’s also a great solution for vloggers, trainers and entertainers, who need a versatile space to address their online audience on a regular basis.

Professional Presentations Mean Professional Engagement

Presenting from a professional environment not only helps you to feel more in control of your presentation, but it will also improve your audience’s online engagement. 

The lack of live events is impacting on many industries that have previously relied on gathering colleagues from around the world in a room for training, business updates, briefings, product information and launches. 

None of us know when live events will return, and hybrid events are undoubtedly a brilliant platform for one-off events. However, the office and home video production studio offers a solution for business leaders and presenters that frequently need to communicate with their audience in a professional environment.

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Equipment for Office or Home Video Production Studio

The team at The Production People can design and install a professional home video production studio complete with:

  • A set, featuring a plain backdrop, ready for projection and lighting
  • Furniture for you and any guest speakers
  • Digital lectern with a front facing screen that can feature the presentation or artwork of your choice 
  • Lighting to colour wash the set and compliment the presenter’s on-screen appearance
  • Lighting controls for dimming and colour changing 
  • Projector for on-wall projections of your presentation, video or artwork
  • 4K HD camera and tripod, suitable for the highest screen resolution 
  • Personal audio equipment for high quality sound
  • Audio mixer for refining the sound levels
  • Video playback software 
  • Auto cue or prompt monitor and software 
  • Secure live streaming software login
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Best Lighting, Video Camera and Audio Equipment

Working to your budget, we’ll source and supply competitive rates for the best lighting, camera and audio equipment for your home video production studio.

We have the expertise and resources to specify technical equipment from leading lighting, audio and control manufacturers to ensure your home video production is intuitive and responsive every time you use it. 

Home video production studio installation

Choosing a Location for your Home Video Studio

If you are planning a home video production studio, we recommend it is installed within your home or a secure and dry outbuilding. Due to the specification of the equipment, it’s best to avoid damp environments, or places that are prone to extreme temperatures. 

Security is also crucial, so we recommend your home studio is installed in a home office, study, spare room, outbuilding, garage, or purpose-built studio. 

Consultation, Design and Installation

If you are considering a home video production studio installation, please contact The Production People for a FREE design consultation. We will assess the suitability of the area you have selected for your studio and discuss your requirements. 

After the assessment, we will create 2D layouts and a 3D design to help you visualise the space. Once approved, we will arrange a date for the installation, which should take no more than one to two weeks.

home video production studip design consultation

Office and Home Conferencing Training

Once your home video production studio is set-up, we’ll give you full training on how everything works and full instruction manual that you can reference when you need it.

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Why Choose The Production People?

For 20 years, we have designed and installed sets, stages and fulfilled the technical production for corporate events

We have travelled the world to support conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and launch events for major corporate brands and pharmaceutical conferences. 

As part of the technical production for these events, we have filmed, streamed and facilitated the translation of presentations for participants around the world. Therefore, we know a thing or two about conference production. 

While large international corporate events are unable to take place right now, we’re able to scale down large productions to create an office or home studio for stakeholders, business leaders and keynote speakers, who still require refined technical production for regular audience participation online.

To find out more about our office and home video production studio service, please give us a call on 01264 889934 or email