What is Conference and Corporate Event

AV (Audio Visual)?

Conference and corporate event AV (audio visual) is a fundamental requirement for producing professional business events. These two elements deliver the sound (audio) and look (visual) of your event.

From PA systems through to full lighting design and virtual connectivity, AV plays a crucial role in producing conferences and corporate events of any kind.

AV equipment hire, design, installation and crew can be seen packaged up and delivered within your technical event production services, but what does the phrase Audio Visual actually include?

In this blog, we look at what conference and corporate event AV really entails, its importance and what has changed since the world went virtual.

What Equipment is Included Under The Audio Visual (AV) Umbrella?

Audio visual is a huge umbrella to a variety of technical equipment that provides the look and sound of an event. When it comes to conferences and corporate events, professional AV is the ingredient that will make your event memorable and engaging.

The specification of your audio visual equipment will depend on the type of event, the desired finish, the audience and the venue. For low level budget event production, it is possible to find a venue that offers a basic AV installation. However, that really is a the starter level.

Upscaled production for brand events, such as conferences, press events, sales meetings and global corporate meetings, require a higher level of AV equipment. A professional installation helps to present key messages professionally and in an engaging way.

While audio visual equipment is vast, we have summed-up the four core deliverables in the following categories:

Event Lighting

There are different applications of event lighting for different situations – from conferences to exhibitions, workshops to round table discussions.

In a conference setting, the stage is the focal point. Therefore the lighting package will be required to emphasise the set design, which can be achieved with uplighters, colour washes and LED beams.

The lighting fixtures themselves can also be incorporated within the set design. For example, LED light tubes, vintage lamps, carnival lights, and festoon can enhance the events lighting installation and bring character to the set design.

The further installation of profiles and moving lights can create a dynamic lighting design, while par cans and light panels provide essential lighting for people and objects.

Away from the main stage, lighting is also used at conferences and corporate events to showcase products and create an ambience within the room.

Controlling the various fixtures are a console and dimmers. For a professional event, the lighting design will be programmed in advance of the live event to ensure the design meets your desired results and performs seamlessly.


Similarly to event lighting, the application of screens at conferences and corporate events include:

  • Integration within the set design
  • LED and Plasma screens for unrestricted audience viewing
  • Tablets that enable interactive audience participation
  • Monitors to prompt the main presenter and the speaker panel
  • Digital lectern to display the presentation, imagery or the company logo.

PA Systems

PA system stands for ‘public address system’ and this term incorporates microphones, mixers, and loudspeakers for in-person and broadcast events.

You need a quality PA system for a professional presentation in any situation or location; such as an in-person at a conference centre, in a studio, the atrium of a building or in an outside space. A poor quality PA system or no PA system at all will almost certainly result in limited audience engagement.

When it comes to specifying your PA system, think about the presenting style, as there are a wide range of microphone applications to suit everyone. Battery packs and wireless transmitters support lapel, in-ear and headset mics. Alternatively, you can opt for a handheld, floor mount or lectern presentation mic.

Translation equipment also comes under Audio Visual equipment, which is necessary for conferences and corporate events that attract an international audience. At The Production People, we supply the equipment for realtime translation transmitted to through headsets worn by the audience. That way, they get to hear important information in their mother tongue.

Event Projection

Projection opens a world of creative possibilities for your conference and corporate event AV. From projecting your powerpoint to creating an immersive stage design, projection brings flexibility, creativity and complete audience engagement to your event.

Supplements to your AV event set-up

To supplement your conference and corporate event AV set-up you will also require other essentials equipment to complete your technical production. For example, you need to allow for power, rigging, laptops, set and stage, crew, filming and broadcast.


AV equipment pulls more power than a standard domestic or commercial outlet can handle. For safety purposes you need to incorporate professional power distribution management, ensuring all power loads are suitably monitored and regulated throughout your event.


Rigging equipment is essential for the installation of AV equipment. Types of rigging equipment includes truss, hoists, pulleys, chains, cables, stands, towers and mounts for lighting, sound, screens and sets.


Laptops are a supplementary requirement for your conference and corporate event AV equipment, as they support your powerpoint presentations, video playback and will be a requirement for broadcasting if you plan to stream your event online.

Filming and Streaming

Virtual and Hybrid events require professional filming and broadcast equipment and crew. So, if you are planning to stream your event to a wider audience beyond those in the room, this does not come under the audio visual umbrella.


A technical production crew will ensure your event runs smoothly and looks professional. For conference and corporate event production, the typical crew includes: lighting technicians, designers, board operators, powerpoint operators, sparks, riggers, filming and streaming operatives. Although this seems like a long list, you’ll often find that many of the crew are specialists in more than one area of expertise.

What is the Importance of Conference and Corporate Event AV?

Conference and corporate event AV is essential for any business event. Whether you are launching a new product, or connecting with a large workforce or community, AV production ensures the messages are presented clearly, are in engaging and can be communicated on a global digital platform.

How has Conference and Corporate Event AV Changed?

The pandemic accelerated our digital platforms for virtual events. Therefore, today’s technical event production is often specified with an element of filming and streaming for those who are unable to travel.

Both the structure and delivery of conferences and corporate events have had to diversify too to keep pace with virtual events. Presenters have had to acclimatise to facing a camera rather than a live audience, or both when it comes to a hybrid event format.

The technical specification for such events has understandably increased. Lighting for broadcast, filming, streaming and post production are wholly a bolt on service and cannot be delivered under the traditional Audio Visual service.

You can find out more about hybrid event production and virtual event production.

Choosing One Company To Deliver Conference and Corporate Event AV (audio visual) in the UK and Worldwide?

The Production People are the ultimate experts in conference and event production. We have worked with corporate, pharmaceutical, broadcast and motor racing brands for more than 20 years. Our ability to produce events of a high calibre in the UK and worldwide makes us best placed as the technical production partner for multiple global events.

We ensure the look and feel of your event is consistent wherever they are in the world.

To enquire about our AV, technical event production and set design, contact TPP today.

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