Full Service Technical Event Production Company 

What are the Benefits?

With live events returning to London and the wider UK in quick succession, it’s time we recap on the benefits of a full service technical event production company. 

After almost three years of ‘will they/won’t they happen?’, events can finally return without legal restrictions in the UK. Naturally, there are still some concerns about the spread of Covid-19 among large audiences in one space. This will need to be part of every event professional’s risk assessment for a long time yet. But for now, the good news is, we can meet again. 

As a technical event production company in London, we have missed the live audience experience terribly, as have our clients and their guests. 

But, enough of what we have missed. Let’s turn our attentions to the sole purpose of this blog: what are the benefits of a full service technical production company for events and conferences?

Williams F1 FW44 Launch Event (full service technical event production)

The Full Service – Enough Said!

Let’s start with what we actually mean when we refer to ‘full service technical event production’. 

We are talking about everything that is deemed ‘technical’, including:

  • Lighting 
  • Power 
  • Rigging 
  • Sound
  • Audio visual 
  • PA systems
  • Projection
  • Video production 
  • Live streaming 
  • Translation equipment 
  • Prompt cues 
  • Digital lecterns
  • Laptops
  • Set design
  • Stage

Having a professional company that can provide all the practical element for your event and crew can be a major help. 

Take TPP, as an example. Our event planning and venue clients lean on us as a department within their own business, yet without the overheads of owning equipment or paying the wages of a professional crew.

Dutch Grand Prix VIP Event
VIP F1 Event in Amsterdam (full service technical event production)

Quality Kit Means Quality Service 

Choose well, and your technical event production company should supply you with high quality kit and technical services.

It’s important that we mention using quality kit for several reasons. 

  1. Good kits means more potential for creative lighting design 
  2. The kit won’t let you down
  3. Last minute repairs/ replacement kit is less likely to be required 
  4. Good kit means better crew. Top lighting techs and designers will not work with companies that supply poor quality equipment for jobs

Having quality lighting, AV and power equipment is everything to an event production. It should have been tested, prepped and signed off before it is delivered to site.

It’s important to note, not all full service technical event production companies use quality equipment by leading manufacturers. So, when you are looking for a reliable technical event production company, be sure to check out the brands of equipment they use. Our advice is if the quote is much  cheaper than others, that’s a red flag that their kit is inferior, and so is their services. 


Possibly the most obvious benefit to using a full-service technical event production company is the straightforward communication. Having one contact, one company and one professional technical team means communication is far more effective between the client and other event departments (caterers, exhibitors, entertainers, the venue etc.).

A full-service technical production company is an extension to your event planning department, and a dedicated project manager is the first point of call for everything. They have the expertise to advise on the best solutions for your event production.

Trusted Advice 

We always recommend clients employ a trusted technical team from the early planning stages. This means they can advise on essential safety solutions relating to power, lighting and access. As well as offer advice on the venue’s suitability. 

A site visit with the technical team is crucial when planning a large-scale event. The technical project manager will listen to your vision for the set, stage, lighting etc. and suggest how this can be achieved at the selected venue.

Expertise and Industry Knowledge

No one can be an expert in everything! Technical event production is very specialised. It takes years of industry experience to offer this service to a high standard.

At TPP, we are UK full service technical event production company that has travelled the world, producing events, conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, launch events and more. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly from local suppliers in a host of countries, and we can categorically say that UK technical production is the best in the world. 

Taking all of this into consideration, expertise and industry knowledge is certainly one of the core benefits of using a full service technical event production company. 

benefits of a full service technical event production company logistics


Next on the list is Logistics. As an event planner, the last thing you want to do is have to plan the logistics of getting the set, stage, lighting and all the other equipment to site; planning when it’s going to be installed; and how it’s going to be removed from the venue after the event. 

No, technical event logistics is not and should not be an event planner’s responsibility. This is the role of the technical event production company, who will:

  • Oversee every step of creating the scene for your event. 
  • Work with the venue over accessing the space to set-up
  • Manage the logistics of rigging, power and networks
  • Arrange transport of kit to and from the venue
  • Crew the event with expert technicians, lighting designers, board operators, riggers, film crew, animators, editors, streaming experts, powerpoint technicians and more.

The logistics of technical production are incredibly involved, so having a full service technical event production company take care of it, is worth every penny. 


The benefits of using one of two preferred suppliers for technical event production is the relationships you will develop. Building strong and long-term partnerships is important for any business. In the world of events, it’s even more critical to have a solid, reliable team around you when you’re under pressure. 

The right team will support you from the planning through to conception, guiding you through the processes you aren’t familiar with.

Our clients have always been able to rely on us to get the job done and get it done to a high standard. So, when it comes to full service technical event production, it’s vital you surround yourself with the people you can trust and draw on their expertise and knowledge. 

Which Events Benefit from Full Service Technical Event Production?

Every event has its own specific needs, but nine times out of ten they each require an element of technical production. Be it a PA systems for a fun run or charity event, or a complete set, stage, rigging, lighting, AV and film crew for a conference.

Technical event production is crucial to any event large or small and it’s important to have team around you that you can rely on for support.

Any experienced event planner will tell you that having a team that can deliver the full package will make life easier and produce better results.

How TPP Can Help

We can support a range corporate events, conferences, exhibitions, live events, award shows, fashion shows and more.

Discover the benefit of a full service technical event production company for yourself – our team are on hand to talk to you on 01264 889 934, or use our contact form to tell us about your event.

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