Why Conference Video

Production is Important

There are several reasons why conference video production is important. The number one reason is to reach a wider audience by streaming the content via a range of online platforms to users worldwide. But, there are plenty of other reasons too.

First let’s look at why video production has become so integral to the corporate world.

When Did Conference Video Production Become the Norm?

Although filming conferences has been standard procedure for TPP’s corporate clients for decades, the surge in conference video production happened during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

Without doubt, the pandemic catapulted demand for conference video production on a global scale. As a result, filming conferences, events and awards ceremonies has become the norm in today’s event landscape.

Over a two-year period, in-person events of any kind were restricted at various levels. In the early stages of the pandemic, a strict ban on all events was put in place to reduce the spread of the virus. This was followed by a gradual re-introduction of small gatherings, hybrid events and localised business events.

Eventually, the lockdown was lifted enough for people to attend masked events nationally that also followed other very necessary precautions to avoid spreading the virus.

By 2022 all types of events were re-introduced including those that required international travel.

The imposed travel restrictions between countries were a huge problem for most global organisations that had previously relied on international conferences to communicate important and confidential company information. it was these businesses turned to the event industry for help, but not every event company was equipped to offer a solution.

The Event Sector was Forced to Diversify

Not only were event companies under the same pressures of all the businesses worldwide; to furlow staff, keep people safe, and ensure the lights stayed on; but they also needed to diversify their entire operation.

As a creative industry, the sector was quick to respond. Working with communication and tech giants, the sector helped to develop online event platforms that served as a communication tool in place of live in-person events.

Filming and streaming conferences was no longer a luxury add-on to a conference production, it was a necessity.

It was this period that really saw an uprise in conference video production.

As a side note, you can read more about the challenges that the pandemic presented to the event sector, in our blog ‘A Year in Lockdown The Ultimate Challenge‘.

Pre-Pandemic Filming Requirements Tell us Why Conference Video Production Remains Important Today

For years before the pandemic, TPP has filmed conferences and events for clients around the world. Before it became a standard technical production offering, our clients had various reasons for filming their conferences, including:

Read on for more detail.

Record Keeping

The main purpose of a conference is to deliver important information, such as a detailed strategy, research finding, financial and sale reports, training and advice. Keeping a record of the subject and the details of what was delivered at the conference can be extremely beneficial to a company and its stakeholders, as it can help to:

  • Reinforce the key messages going by reviewing content and duplication in future conferences.
  • Delegates can watch recordings to remind themselves of the content supplied.
  • Offer a resolutions to any complaints or answer queries after the event regarding the information shared.
  • Ensure the information delivered was credible, lawful, valid and accurate.
  • Maintain a company library of the content shared as a reference for future presenters, employees and stakeholders.
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Practice and Training

Speaking at any event is not something that comes naturally to most people. Nor is the ability to engage an audience. Speaking at events requires practice and confidence.

Whether you are a novice or a pro when it comes to speaking at a conference, it’s never safe to rest on your laurels. We can all improve and a good way to see how is to look back at the performance. Which is why conference video production is important to presenters.

Speakers, businesses and teams can look back at recorded conferences to see how they and their fellow panel performed. It allows them to view the presentation from the audience’s point of view and tweak their delivery for better engagement going forward.

It’s Not Just Filming That Aids Speaker – It’s The Technical Production As a Whole!

In addition the filming, presenters should be equipped with a comprehensive technical production package throughout the conference to support their delivery. A good conference AV package will include speaker aids, such as:

Comfort monitors displaying the presentation in front of the speaker is a vital aid to engaging an audience. Typically positioned at the foot of the stage, the comfort monitor ensures the speaker remains facing the delegates at all times and they can see what the audience sees.

Digital lecterns and spot on annotation also aid speakers. The lectern facia can display the logo or part of the presentation, while speakers can use a laptop with spot on annotation software, which means they can digitally highlight key points of the presentation live on stage during the Q&A sessions.

Quality technical equipment and production is very important to any conference, but to the speaker, it means consistency. If a technical issue arises mid presentation, it can be very distracting, not to mention embarrassing. So we only advise using quality equipment that is inspected and maintained ahead the event.

Presentation support ensures the correct content is on display throughout the presentation. No more skipping through slides to catch up, a presentation technician will support the speaker throughout the conference.

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Security and Evidence

The content shared at a conference can be sensitive and confidential. For global organisations that have multiple speakers at events worldwide, it can be difficult to review the content shared and the questions answered by the speaking representative.

The solution is to film the event, giving stakeholders the ability to look back at the content shared. On the rare occasion there is a breach, the footage can provide important evidence, allowing those responsible to act quickly and build a greater picture of events.

Having this level of evidence can be particularly important for high level medical, pharmaceutical, financial, legal, technical, compliance and government sectors. However, any corporate organisation should consider filming conference video production for peace of mind and security.

Sharing with Employees and Stakeholders

We said early on in this blog that the number-one reason why conference video production is important is for sharing the content to a wider audience.

Not everyone within an organisation can travel to a single conference. Even when the conference is delivered as part of a global tour, the information can change. By recording the conference and sharing it via a secure network and streaming platform, everyone within the organisation can remain informed.

Williams F1 launch event

Feeding the Public Narrative and Shaping Opinion

Some conferences are tailored for people outside of the organisation. For example a product launch, press call, advancement in medical, financial, technical solutions, and advise-driven content feeds a public narrative. Through video production and streaming, a conference can be shared far and wide on social media, email or a secure portal.

A filmed conference allows the presenters and all involved to continue the conversation and shape public opinion on a topic.

The Reason Why Conference Video Production is Important Is Unique to Every Client

There are all kinds of reasons a client may require conference video production – some may not have been mentioned in this blog. Yet, it has become the norm for businesses, organisations and government worldwide.

At The Production People, we have over 20 year’s experience in the field of conference video production and would gladly discuss your requirements. If you would like to discuss your conferencing possibilities, please contact our team today.

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