Key Events in 2021

Who and What Will Change?

Key events in 2021 are set to return after months of zero activity within the industry.

UK events in tier two and tier three regions are now able to take place. The question is: who is equipped to deliver them and how will they change?

What Has Changed?

For a sector that has not operated since Covid-19 struck, it is ironic how the event industry has changed during that time. Indeed, we have had to adapt to circumstances that have left many companies fighting for survival.

There are those that have ridden the wave, those that have successfully pulled off virtual and hybrid events, and there are those that have sadly lost the fight.

Among those that have had to accept their inevitable fate are large organisations that can no longer cover the overheads, as well as small independent firms that have been operating for decades.

Without doubt, the latest news that events can now return in some areas of the UK is a welcome relief to the event sector. But, under what circumstances will they return?

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Key Events in 2021 Set to Return

The event industry jumped for joy when when the UK government announced events could return under a tiered system. However, to get to this point the Event Industry Association has worked tirelessly with MPs to demonstrate how events can take place safely.

Test events successfully showed the necessary safety measures for running events during the pandemic. Consequently, Public Health England issued a Visitor Economy Guide for business events and consumer shows.

The document outlines the following details to support event management companies and their suppliers:

  • Covid-19 risk assessments
  • Managing customers, visitors and contractors, including timed ticketing, pre-booking, congestion, facilities and much more!
  • Who should go to work, explains who is high risk, self isolation reasons and advice on equality at work
  • Social distancing guidance for arrival and departure, as well as movement throughout the space during the event
  • Cleaning the space before, during and after the event
  • PPE (face coverings)
  • Workforce management, including signage requirements, advice on deliveries and travel
  • Inbound and outbound good, including how to minimise the risk of surface transmission

Who is The Event Industry Association?

The Event Industry Association is a collaborative group of industry bodies, including:

  • The Meetings Industry Association (mia)
  • Association of Event Organisers (AEO)
  • Association of Event Venues (AEV)
  • Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA)

Current Event Conditions

The Governments Tier system allows for large events to take place in tiers 1 and 2. However, the capacity levels are determined by the regional tier, which must always be checked before running an event. For your reference here is an overview:

  • In tier 1 the risk of transmission is at medium alert. Therefore, events are limited to 50% capacity with 4,000 outdoor delegates, or 1,000 indoor delegates (whichever is lower).
  • Regions in tier 2 are at high alert of transmission. Events in tier 2 can still take place at 50% capacity with 1,000 indoor delegates as per tier 1. However, delegates for outdoor events are reduced to 2,000 (if lower than 50% capacity).
  • Finally, tier 3 means the risk of transmission is very high and only drive-in events are permitted to limit social contact.
Event TypeTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Large events – elite sport, live performances and businessOpen to the public, but limited to 50% capacity or 4000 outdoors / 1000 indoors (whichever is lower). Social contact limits applyOpen to the public, but limited to 50% capacity or 2000 outdoors / 1000 indoors (whichever is lower). Social contact limits applyEvents should not take place; drive-in events permitted
Full breakdown of the tiers for events.
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What Will Change in 2021?

Looking ahead to 2021, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon for the event industry. The Covid-19 vaccine will hopefully mean that by Spring/Summer 2021 life will return to some form of normality.

Yes, we know this will be a major operation for the NHS, but one can’t help but hope.

Even so, most event professionals are under no illusion that Covid-19 precautions will remain a necessary influence in planning events for the foreseeable future.

As a technical event production company we will certainly be remaining vigilant beyond the vaccine roll out. In other words, we will continue to follow social distancing and hygiene rules, as well as limit touch point before, during and after an event.

How Will The Sector Recover?

There is no doubt that event businesses, freelancers, employees, suppliers and many self employed have fallen victim to the pandemic. Many have lost their livelyhoods, that regular pay cheque, their businesses and their staff. The mental wellbeing among industry professionals has hit an all-time low across the field.

The recovery will be long and arduous. Mostly because the industry has lost a huge talent pool of hardworking, experienced and creative people.

It is predicted that 26,000 permanent jobs in the live music industry will be lost by the end of 2020. This is nothing compared to the 144,000 full time freelance roles that have ceased to exist since the pandemic. These states were from an independent survey.

Reaching Out To New Contacts

For years, most of us have used a reliable network of clients, suppliers and freelancers. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 blast has rocked the boat tremendously on many of these arrangements. So it’s time to get back out there and start connecting again.

Our advice to any fellow event professionals is to pick up the phone and introduce yourself. Why not start by giving us a call. Let us know what you have been up to and if we can help with your key events in 2021.

Planning Key Events in 2021

Undoubtedly, event industry professionals are chomping at the bit to get back in the driving seat! However, we must proceed with caution. It is our responsibility to ensure events in 2021 remain safe.

Using the current guidance and tiering system, we can all plan for key events in 2021. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 climate will hopefully improve and capacity levels will be allowed to increase.

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Technical Event Production Company – Responsible and Safe

At the moment capacity and travel restrictions remain in place, but businesses still need to connect with audiences around the world. Therefore, we predict hybrid and virtual event production will continue to be a crucial factor for key events in 2021.

Video production is a large part of our technical event production services. We film and live stream conferences and seminars for large and small organisations. Video production is all part of our technical event production, which includes event lighting, power, AV and rigging solutions.

You can read more about our video production services on our hybrid event production and virtual event studio pages. Alternatively, explore our technical event production page for the full package.

If you are planning a key event in 2021 and need a responsible and safe technical event production company, we would be delighted to hear from you. Call us today on 01264 889934.

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