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TPP Launch All-New Website

TPP Celebrates 20 Years as a Technical Event Company with First “Proper” Website

2020 may have been the most challenging year to date for The Production People, yet nothing will stand in the way of this technical event company celebrating 20 years in business.

To mark the occasion, we have launched our first “proper” website –!

Hope, Ambition and Growth

The launch of an all new website brings hope, ambition and growth for a business, and that is precisely the message, portrayed by The Production People.

Despite the current downturn felt throughout the event industry, TPP are working hard at remaining optimistic.

“2020 was meant to be a year of celebration and we intend to continue with that plan,” explains Managing Director, David Harris. 

New Website Signifies a Fresh Start Says TPP MD

“It was in February that we embarked on creating our first proper website. Having been in the business for 20 years, we know that we were late to the party, but as a respected technical events company, the work has always flowed, and word of mouth has been our driving force.

“When we started the web build, little did we know that we were in fact preparing for the biggest slump the event industry has ever experienced.

“Our hope is that the new website will offer us the platform we need for a fresh start when event can safely return.”

The impact of Covid-19 on TPP’s Event Production

Under normal circumstances, The Production People travel the world providing lighting, sound, rigging, power and set design for international events, conferences, seminars, road shows and exhibitions. When Covid-19 hit, TPP were forced to immediately cancel jobs in Sydney, New York, Asia and Barcelona.

The cancellations continued as lockdown restrictions extended and, like every other technical event company in the sector, The Production People has had no significant work since. 

“Very quickly we lost a year’s worth of business and despite, the government’s suggestion of business events returning on 1 October, insurance restrictions and lack of client confidence, mean we are set for a very uncertain future.

“Although we are able to deliver conferences and training seminars from our virtual events studio in Hampshire, it does not replace the live experience, or sustain the varied businesses and freelancers involved in the live events sector. This is an enormous industry – worth circa £70 billion and employs 700,000 people – and we need better support from the government to get back up and running.” 

Despite lack of work, The Production People remains strong. “We are a small business, with fewer overheads than many of the larger corporations. Our profits from the last few years will see us through, and once live events do return, our new website will help us back onto our feet, putting us in good stead for attracting clients in the years to come,” concludes Harris.

Show your support for The Production People in its 20th year – and hardest one yet – by exploring our all-new website. While you are there, don’t forget to follow us on social media.

How Covid-19 is Affecting the Entire Events Industry

The events industry is worth circa £70 billion and employs 700,000 people – that’s comparable to the UK automotive industry and far greater than our fishing industry, that led MPs into battle during Brexit negotiations.  

With no help from the government and events unlikely to return in a cost-effective and safe manner until 2021, there are companies fearful of their future, and that of their employees.

In response to the downfall, the event sector held a media campaigns to engage the government in its plight. On Tuesday 14 August venues and monuments across London and the wider UK were lit in red, including The Production People’s warehouse in Hampshire. Pictures swarmed social media, accompanied by the hashtags #LightItInRed #RedAlert and #WeMakeEvents.

Outside of The Production People’s warehouse in Hampshire for #WeMakeEvents and #Lighttinred publicity campaigns.

In Manchester, technicians pushed flight cases through the streets. While in London, hundreds lined the River Thames holding ropes representing a lifeline for the industry, as they watched a boat lit in red playing loud music and featuring a large video wall sailed the water’s path. Sadly, these pleas for help have been unmet by the government thus far.

Diversifying with Virtual Events Studio

While the sector suffers an unprecedented downturn, many companies have been forced to diversify. The Production People for one, has created a virtual events studio. Complete with set, lighting, camera set-up, furniture, and a digital lectern, clients can professionally present to their online audience via a secure and uncompromised server.

The studio is based at our HQ in Hampshire. However, it can be transported and set up in any location.

If you require a professional space to present your online conference, TPP’s virtual events studio could be just the right solution for you. Please contact us for more information.

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