What is Technical Production Management?

We all have to start somewhere and if you are new to event planning, this article is for you.

We are talking about technical production management and what it involves.

As a technical production management company for a wide range of events, The Production People (TPP) work with clients, who’s experience ranges from extensive knowledge of event management, to those that are planning an event for the first time.

Regardless of how much experience you have, we always aim to put aside the technical jargon to be clear and concise across all our communication. That’s why we’ve put together this blog to help those that need a few questions answered.

Technical Production Management Summed Up

Let’s get things started with a simple explanation…

Technical Production Management includes the planning, logistics, installation and operation of technical equipment for events, exhibitions, live shows and conferences. This includes such items as:

Lighting and rigging

Video walls



Video streaming

Laptop hire


Professional Technicians

Lighting Designers

Board operators

A technical production company will handle every aspect of your events technical set-up to create an engaging and sensational experience. But there is far more to executing a professional event than one may assume, which takes us on to Planning and Logistics.

Planning and Logistics

When planning an event, it’s best practise to get your technical production company involved from the start.

At TPP, we work with clients worldwide. As part of their professional event team, we help to source suitable venues where their vision can be successfully executed. It’s all very well, a venue telling you their seating capacity for an awards dinner or conference. But often this is before they consider the size of the stage and set. Access to the venue is equally important. That’s why we carry out a thorough site visit and design exercise before you commit to the venue.

The Site Visit

Loading and parking restrictions

Loading and parking restrictions can heavily impact on your event, especially in London and urban areas. It can be the difference between hiring the venue for one day, or several days in advance in order to load the equipment into the venue.

Access to the event area

When it comes to loading in large equipment, flight cases, staging and set, you need adequate access to the room where your event will be held. Utilising small hotel lifts, narrow stairwells and doorways simply will not do. The crew need access to the service lifts at the very least.

Power supply

It’s important to determine if the venue has an adequate power supply for the specified technical equipment. Hotels and venues are often suitably equipped to handle increases in electrical consumption. However, this is something we will always check.


As part of our venue inspection, TPP will consider the cabling routes to ensure any cables used will not block doorways, catering routes or walkways.

Noise restrictions

Some venues will have noise restrictions. During certain times, loud music and audio will not be permitted. It’s best practise to check this information before, so that it can be factored into the suitability of the venue for your event.

Venue Dimensions and capacity

Getting to grips with the dimensions of your venue in relation to what you want to achieve is vital to your entire event. The space needs to accommodate your:

Delegates numbers – seated or standing

Stage and set dimensions





Both the floor space and ceiling height of your venue are essential to the technical and stage design and specification.


Does the venue offer the facility and capacity to hang technical equipment? Anchor points or truss are sometimes permanently installed within venues and hotels to hang lighting, video screens, projectors and sound equipment. If not, we could look at a ground support truss system that is suitable for the venue and the equipment specification.

Onsite storage

Once the flight cases have been unloaded, they will need to be stored out of sight. When looking at venues, it’s important to ask for storage space. If storage is a problem, we would make an allowance for crew and a truck to take the flight cases away while the event in underway.

Design and 3D renders

Understanding how your set and stage will look in your chosen venue early on can allow you to make changes and prevent any surprises when it comes to build day.

As standard, TPP create 3D renders and 2D layouts of the stage and set to demonstrate exactly how the stage, set and rigging will look in the chosen space.

Health and Safety for Technical Production Management

Having found a suitable venue, it’s essential to develop a risk assessment and method statement as part of the health and safety policy for your event. Using a trusted and reputable production company is critical to guaranteeing the health and safety of your guests and those working on your behalf.

TPP routinely ensure all the equipment we supply, and use is fully tested and certified ahead of the event. Furthermore, we stringently check that our technicians and operators hold the relevant training for operating machinery, rigging and power management.

Lighting and Rigging Equipment

Without question, professional lighting design invigorates your event, sets the tone, creates scenes, prompts and enhances your corporate identity.

Our professional lighting designers and board operators can create multiple effects that can transform your stage, set or venue. We can create an individual look that remains static throughout the event – ideal for exhibition stands – or a series of looks that are programmed to your script, music or entertainment.

TPPs technical production management services include the specification, installation and operation of your events lighting equipment. We use only the highest standard of rigging and lighting equipment, which are fully tested and certified.

Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual (AV) equipment is the banner statement that encompasses all of your speakers, mics, mixing desks, dimmers, video screens, projectors and laptops.

TPP can provide a specification for all your audio-visual equipment to meet the size and capacity of your room. While our professional sound engineers will ensure that your speaker or entertainer is heard loud and clear.

Crew and Technical Support

As a technical production company, TPP use the very best technicians, operators, designers and crew to ensure your event runs smoothly and looks sensational.

Having worked with international clients, TPP have contacts worldwide and implement local crew where possible. However, many of our international clients enjoy the creative excellence and precision of our British crew, who are always prepared to travel.

During your event, technical support is essential. We will always have someone on hand to manage the power, lighting and sound. So, if there is a problem, it will be fixed before you even know about!

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