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What Are The Options?

What are Covid-safe events and what are the options?

Professionally produced hybrid and virtual events are a practical and engaging solution for running Covid-safe event in 2021.

Currently live events are unable to operate safely at the risk of transmission. Therefore, the options for Covid-safe events are limited to virtual and hybrid event productions.

It can be assumed that the UK vaccine roll out will reach the majority of the population this spring/summer. As a result, it is possible that Covid-safe in-person events could return later this year.

Let’s be realistic though, this may not include large audiences at concerts, exhibitions and conferences. We must expect to have some restrictions still in place. What it does mean is hybrid events, which involve a small live and an online virtual audience, could increase.

What is a Hybrid Event?

The hybrid event format enables a range of businesses and organisations to interact with a regional in-person audience and an international virtual audience at the same time.

The host can invite a small local audience from the country in which the event is being produced. Depending on the local restrictions in place at the time, this could be between 15 and 30 people.

Hybrid Event Technical Production

The hybrid event set-up is much like a normal event or conference. There would be a set and stage, with screens, lighting and audio equipment. Yet, the live audience is much smaller.

In a conference situation, when the information being presented is highly detailed, we ensure there are sufficient monitors for the live audience to view. We recommend a monitor per table for maximum engagement throughout the presentation. Monitors are used over tablets to limit the touch points during a conference.

To engage the online audience, we use a specialist software that enables live and direct engagement with the online audience. We will cover in more detail later in this article.

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is for an online audience only. It can be produced at any venue, or within an office where there is enough space for a set and equipment.

Throughout the pandemic, virtual events have enabled many industries to communicate with their audiences and celebrate their successes. Indeed, virtual events have been produced for concerts, conferences, award ceremonies, music and entertainment.

Virtual Event Technical Production

At TPP we offer a range of virtual event packages that cater for all requirements. We also have a virtual event studio at our HQ in Hampshire. Here, we welcome clients to record and live stream events in a Covid-safe environment.

For business owners and presenters we also offer home or office video production studio installation. This is a professionally equipped studio for regular engagement with an online audience. It features a set, lighting, cameras, mic and video production software integration.

How Professional Technical Production Can Better Engage a Virtual Audience

Hybrid and virtual events are designed and professionally produced to engage a virtual audience. They have a higher level of production to the basic virtual conferencing facilities offered by ZOOM and Microsoft Teams.

Any business or organisation that has attempted to engage large audiences with this basic software will understand the constraints.

Engagement between the presenter and delegates is challenging. While there are chat options with ZOOM and Microsoft Teams, this normally requires a moderator to sift through the relevant questions. As a result, follow-up questions are often missed entirely, as they move on to the next. Such software can be restricting when engaging a virtual audience. Organisations that are required to present detailed information find this basic software especially challenging.

At TPP, we use a software that enables live and direct Q&A sessions between the online audience and the presenter. This method also allows the virtual audience to ask follow-up questions, just as they would if they were at a live conference.

This is a comprehensive solution for all business events and conferences where key information needs to be shared and absorbed by the online audience.

As a result we are able to maximise your event investment to its full potential.

Who Do Hybrid and Virtual Events Benefit?

A professionally produced hybrid or virtual event is for companies or organisations that crucially need to engage with their audience.

This Covid-safe event format allows the host to professionally deliver training, information and advice. Just some of the sectors benefiting from hybrid and virtual conferences right now are:

  • Finance
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Government departments
  • The arts

How We Can Help

As a technical production company based in the UK, we are all too familiar with the restrictions that have been placed on the event industry during this time. That’s why we are taking every precaution necessary to facilitate the restart of events in 2021.

Delivering Covid-safe events with exceptional technical production is our priority. So, we are doing everything within our power to fulfil the necessary safety measures and deliver successful events in the UK and Europe.

Whether you are planning a virtual event, or looking ahead to when lockdown measures ease, we can provide the solutions you need right now.

Planning for a Covid-safe event

We are offering a range of virtual and hybrid technical production solutions to help you plan for a Covid-safe event in 2021.

Through careful planning and preparation we are able to deliver Covid-safe virtual and hybrid events in the UK and internationally.

From the planning and preparation stages to the event itself, we work in a limited production bubble comprising of a small crew who are committed to regular Covid symptom-free testing and upholding hygiene levels at all times.

We can facilitate all events, including award ceremonies, conferences, seminars, launch event, fashion shows and more. Simply contact us for more information.

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