What Are Live Streamed Events?

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Live streamed events, meetings, conferences, and entertainment have become the norm for so many of us since the pause button was hit on the live events and entertainment industry, due to Covid-19. 

For those outside of the event industry, virtual and hybrid events and entertainment may be considered a new-fangled concept. However, the move towards live streamed and pre-recorded broadcasts has been gaining momentum for many years prior to Covid-19. 

For our clients, hybrid event production has always been part and parcel of our total live event production service. Video production and live streaming is an essential aspect for many international conferences and seminars. It’s a means of communicating with an online audience that cannot attend the event in person, while addressing the audience in the room at the same time.

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Undoubtedly, the concept of hybrid and solely live streamed events has accelerated at a tremendous pace since the coronavirus impacted on all of our lives. As we adjust to new ways of communicating with our global audience, innovative trends and services are emerging. 

In this blog, we look at the three different option TPP offer for live streamed events. This is our way of helping our clients make an informed decision when it comes to planning live streamed events.

Keep Calm and Carry On in Your Own Office or Home Video Studio

Perhaps before Covid-19, you were a regular speaker at live events, and conferences. You had information that needed to be shared securely and accurately to your team or fellow industry professionals. Meetings in person are not currently feasible, but with a purpose-built video production studio you can still communicate those important messages in a professional environment.

A video production studio can be installed in the home or in the office. It’s a great asset for media, marketing and PR agencies, business centre and the headquarters of an organisation. It’s a professional space where you can present and engage your online audience in a live streamed event.

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The office or home video production studio comes fully equipped with a professional set, lighting, 4k camera set up, audio equipment and live streaming software. 

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Our professional set designers have built sets and stages for conferences around the world and now they are turning their hand to developing exquisite sets for office and home video production studios.

Complete with sound insulation, staging and set, professional LED lighting, LED screens, lectern and a selection of furniture, the TPP set design team will ensure your live streamed events look professional and are the envy of all your online colleagues. 

When it comes to the live streaming equipment and software, we can provide a one or two camera set-up. The number of cameras supplied really depend on whether there will be someone on hand to operate the equipment for you. 

At this point, it’s worth noting that TPP can supply technical support during each broadcast for your peace of mind. We can offer production managers, audio technicians, lighting designers and programmers, camera operators, a vision director and PowerPoint operator.

In addition to the cameras and crew, the package can include audio mixers, prompt cues, autocues, mics and a talk back 6-way kits for situations when there is more than one presenter. We’ll also ensure you have a secure connection with your live audience, or provide you with the tools to pre-record and edit your footage. 

To find out more, please visit our office and home video production page. 

Up next is Virtual Events. 

Totally Virtual Events

A virtual event is aimed at an entirely virtual audience. For someone outside of the events industry it can sound very futuristic and complicated but it’s really not!

A professional virtual event has the ability to connect speakers from around the world on one platform, which can be live streamed, or pre-recorded. In essence, it’s a more up-market, polished, higher production version of online conferencing. 

Virtual events typically have a main presenter, who leads the event programme. However, the presenter is not generally alone on stage. They are joined by a series of LED screens, which will feature the profile of each co-presenter or contributor via a live feed.

The online audience can engage with the presenters/contributors before and during the event to ask questions via a secure email address.

The difference between a virtual event and video production studio is the scale. For example, the set and stage of a virtual conference is much larger to accommodate a variety of screens and any products that might need to be demonstrated, such as a car. A suitable secure space is ideal. 

Virtual events are suited to a whole range of sectors that need to communicate with an entire workforce, industry professionals, or launch a new product to the media. A virtual event is a great alternative to traditionally live events during the pandemic.

Say Hi To Hybrid Events 

Hybrid events are our last example of live streamed events. This concept bring together in-person and virtual audiences. 

The set-up of a hybrid event is much like with a virtual event in terms of the set, stage, technical production and video production. The difference is there is also a small audience to consider. 

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While a virtual event can take place in almost any large space – from a warehouse to an aircraft hangar – a hybrid event needs to provide all the creature comforts of a traditional live event for its small audience.

The audience needs to be catered for and kept safe at all times, so event planners need to enforce social distancing, temperature checks, Covid-19 testing, hygiene and the wearing of masks. Preparing a detailed risk assessment is absolutely essential when planning a hybrid event to ensure everyone’s safety.

Planning Live Streamed Events with TPP

In this blog, we’ve established that TPP provide three great options for live streamed events, and we hope you have found this information helpful. 

If you would like talk to us about your planning live streamed events, or indeed our video production studio installation service, we can provide a detail quote, plans and advice. Please get in touch.

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