Best Christmas Party Lighting

Your Guide to Christmas Party Lighting

Christmas Party Lighting is top of the list when transforming any venue into a festive wonderland. It’s not always that easy to know how to specify your festive lighting fixtures, so we’ve developed a quick and easy guide to the best Christmas party lighting for transforming any venue. 

Transforming Spaces with Professional Christmas Party Lighting 

Professional Christmas event lighting is the key ingredient to creating a party atmosphere.

The specification of your Christmas event lighting installation will entirely depend on the floor and roof space, as well as your budget. But with a little help from our pro lighting designer, we can create a sensational look for your office party.

Types of Christmas Party Lighting 

Colour Washes

When transforming any space into a party venue, LED colour washes are a must have fixture. Washes come in the form of uplighters, LED battens, and LED pars. 

These fixtures apply a wash of high-density colour to walls, sets, stages, architecture, and exteriors. 

The wide spectrum of hues makes a big impact, and most colour wash fixtures can be programmed to change colour in sync, giving you a variety of looks throughout the party.

Moving Lights

Moving lights create a dynamic party vibe. Depending on the make and model, they can provide beam effects, wash, and can feature one or more gobos, which can project festive shapes, or your logo, onto surfaces. The moving light can be floor mounted, rigged to the ceiling or onto a ground support truss.

Festive Gobo Projection

You can’t have a Christmas party without a snowflake or star shape projected onto the dance floor, ceiling, or walls. 

Using a small circular stencil, called a gobo, we can project any festive shape onto any surface. The gobo works with both static and moving lights by blocking out the light around the shape and focusing onto the surface. Many moving lights offer the function to interchange between gobos, so you can synchronise multiple shapes. You can even have your own custom-made shape or logo.


Festoon is the go-to festive light for outside spaces. Strings of festoon are an attractive fixture for Christmas events. As well as looking very festive, it can provide a practical pathway to lead guests along a drive or simply illuminate an exterior social space. 

Pea Lights

Commonly known a ‘fairy lights’, pea lights are the ultimate Christmas light. Woven into Christmas trees, cascading down windows, archways and staircases, or draped from the ceiling, the pea light is an essential fixture on your Christmas party lighting kit list.

LED Tubes

LED tubes are a fantastic, high impact feature light that can be used to add an extra layer of interest to a venue or stage.

Depending on the make, they are available in different lengths or can be combined to make even longer lengths. 

LED tubes are battery powered with offer high density multi colour pixels, meaning they can be programmed to have a rainbow effect, or any colour combination of your choosing. They can also be programmed to fade from one colour to another. 

Lighting designers love LED tubes for the fact they are so effective in almost any party or entertainment setting. They can be built into sets, mounted on truss or placed upright on stands. 

The New Christmas Party Trend

Having had a few uncertain years, the Christmas party season is back in full swing and there’s a new trend emerging.  

This year, bosses everywhere are determined to give their staff a good old fashioned festive shin dig. Having survived a pandemic, Brexit and now an energy crisis, we all need to let our hair down and enjoy a proper knees-up.

With many of us working from home or on a hybrid flexible arrangement, seeing collegues once-in-a- blue-moon has become the norm. Therefore, it’s no surprise the Christmas party has become the corporate event of the year.

In fact, some companies are using the festive season to make use of their workspace. They are opting to open up the office as a Christmas party venue. That’s right, a new trend is emerging where employers are transforming their offices with Christmas party lighting to create an extravagant work event.

This December, entire workforces will be returning to the workplace for an office Christmas party that is reminiscent of yonder years – but with a contemporary twist. 

Thanks to professional event lighting, the workplace can be transformed into a glitzy festive party venue.

TPP is here to support businesses as they embark on the new-style office Christmas party. We hope this guide on Christmas party lighting will offer a lifeline to corporate event planners everywhere.

5 Tips For Planning a Party in The Office

For anyone tasked with organising the annual Christmas party in the office, here are our top tips:

1. Choose a professional technical production company asap

Being a technical event production company, you may be thinking, of course we’re going to suggest this. But in all honesty, the lighting, sound, rigging and power are all core elements of your Christmas party. Having professionals on the case early on will save you time, money and prevent any major safety and planning issues.

2. Allow prep time

If you are planning every aspect of the event on top of your day job, you need time to prepare. Making the necessary arrangements takes several months. On top of planning the event, you need to ensure everyone on the guest list has RSVP’d and dietary requirements are catered for. So asking your boss to allocate time to the planning shouldn’t be frowned upon.

3. Choose easy dining

If you are planning a Christmas party in the office, we suggest you avoid a formal sit-down meal. Canapés, a buffet, food boxes, or posh nosh food van are a great way of feeding everyone without excessive set-up and catering costs. It also saves on additional power requirements for temporary catering equipment.

4. Make it sustainable

Try to avoid using decorations, such as balloons and synthetic materials to dress your venue/office. The LED lighting and projection will do all of the décor for you, or you can hire decor at a fraction of the cost.

There is no need to buy items that will essentially end up in landfill after one night’s use. The same goes for other consumables, such cutlery, glasses, and plates, try to hire reusable items or purchase recyclable products as much as possible.

You can read more about how to sustainable corporate event production here.

5. Make it fun and interactive

Ensure everyone leaves their corporate hats at the door by laying on interactive and fun experiences. Activities, such as photo booths, casino tables, cocktail making, or a dance lesson could help loosen the ties of even the most senior members of staff.

How TPP Can Help

TPP is a technical production company, offering a host of AV solutions for private and corporate events. As well as providing technical production in London, we work throughout the UK and worldwide. If you would like support with your next party, conference production or virtual event, please contact us.

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