Guide to Seamless Hybrid Event Technical Production

The TPP guide to seamless hybrid event technical production covers everything you need to know from getting the content right to understanding what crew and kit you’ll need.

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the way we work, socialise and interact with one another. It’s been challenging to say the least, and especially difficult for businesses that under normal circumstances rely on live events to communicate with their customers, press, colleagues and staff.

For many of these businesses, taking events online has been their only solution. Virtual events studios like ours in Hampshire have facilitated professional online conferences, festivals, award ceremonies and PR launches during lockdown. However, come the autumn, in-person business event could restart.

Pending safety precautions and the number of coronavirus cases at the time, business events could begin from 1 October. This means conferences, PR launches, training and exhibitions will resume across the UK. However, an element of virtual attendance will still be necessary for attendees that would usually travel from abroad for such events, and those that simply don’t yet feel confident to attend an event of this nature.

Enter Hybrid events; an event that accommodates a combination of an in-person and online audience. Achieving a seamless hybrid event comes down to two factors:

  1. The technical production needs to be on point
  2. The content needs to appeal to both audiences

If you are considering a hybrid event, read on for our hybrid event technical production guide on how to get it right first time.

Content for Hybrid Events

Our advice to anyone considering hosting a hybrid event is to plan the content carefully to ensure that is concise and interesting. This is particularly important in a conference, training or launch situation, where the audience is expected to absorb new information.

Keep Presentations Interesting
If a presentation is required, keep the graphics interesting using graphics, graphs, video, images and stats to explain your points.

Expand Your Expert Panel
With a hybrid event, you can expand your expert panel using video links to guest presenters that are unable to attend the live event. This will enhance your presentation and give extra insight. The video can be prerecorded or we can offer a live link.

Include Live or Pre-Record Video
What about including a factory tour, a product demonstration, entertainment or a showreel? This can help you get your point across and remain interesting to both your audiences.

Presenting to Two Audiences 

Hybrid event technical production is key to engaging your online and in-person audience. Aside from the usual technical specification, which includes event lighting, rigging, sound and power, there are some key elements to your hybrid event technical production that should be considered.

Certainly, having a decent camera crew and production team is going to be important for your hybrid event. They need to be experienced in the field and understand the pitfalls.

Presenting to both an online and in-person audience is challenging, so presenters need plenty of support, and hybrid event technical production can go some way to helping them out. To follow is some advice on the type of kit and support you may need to seamlessly produce a hybrid event.

Depending on the size of your hybrid event, we recommend a multiple camera set-up operated by an experienced camera crew, who will capture the presenter at various angles, altering when new points are made, or the subject matter has changed. This keeps the online audience engaged and allows the camera crew to cut between presenters.

PowerPoint Ops and Vision Director
For a seamless online presentation, an experienced PowerPoint Operator can follow the presenter via a scripted presentation or a cue light, while a Vision Director can cut between the live camera and graphics on the screen. They will ensure any videos and live links are seamless to your online audience.

Comfort Monitors
Comfort monitors on the floor in front of the stage, which display the presentation will help the presenter to speak directly to the in-person and online audience. Rather than struggling to look behind them at the main screen, the presentation is available on the screen directly in front of the presenter, allowing them to continuously address the audience.

Q&A Sessions
If a Q&A session is an important element to your hybrid event technical production, you can accept questions from your online audience via a dedicated email address. When you are ready, the questions will be transferred to the screen mounted on a lectern or via a laptop on stage.

Spot On Annotation
Spot On Annotation is another useful tool for presenters. It replaces the traditional laser pen when referring back to key points in a presentation during Q&A sessions. Using a tablet mounted onto a lectern on the stage, the presenter can draw directly onto the presentation for all to see. The markings will be visible to your in-person and online audience.

For clear sound on- and off-line, presenters should be fitted with lapel mics, with a mic mounted on the lectern stage as a back-up solution. A sound engineer will operate the mixing desk to ensure the sound is just so for both audiences. 

Translation Services
If your hybrid event requires interpreter services, the technical production specification can include:

  • Transmission systems
  • Delegate headsets
  • Interpreter booths
  • Technical engineers

4G Back Up
When running a live hybrid event, you need an internet connection you can rely on. The Production People (TPP) implement a fully bonded 4G back-up system, which takes over should the standard internet fail during a live transmission.

Hybrid Event Technical Production to Rely On

If you are planning a hybrid event, The Production People (TPP) are at your service. We’ve got the experience and expertise to produce high quality seamless hybrid technical event production. Wherever you are in the UK, or Europe, we can supply everything you need to confidently present to an in-person and online audience, while ensuring you achieve a high-quality finish.

From the stage and set design to the event lighting, power, rigging and online production, we’ve got everything covered. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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