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Realise Your Virtual Potential

The complete virtual event technical production and set design package designed for you. Simply contact The Production People.

If you have not yet realised your virtual event potential, then we are here to help. The Production People have been delivering hybrid and virtual event technical production and set design for 20+ years. That’s right, events of this nature existed well before Coronavirus reached our shores.

We have provided virtual event technical production for conferences, launch events and company training worldwide. It hasn’t always been possible to have every delegate attend the event in person. However, some information is too important to miss. With a hybrid or virtual event everyone can take part.

At TPP, we take care of all your virtual event technical production. Plus, we provide professional set design and build to engage your audience.

Professional video production is critical to the success of your hybrid or virtual event. So, we offer two options:

  1. We can pre-record the event and professionally edit the footage ahead of the broadcast to your online audience.
  2. Live stream the event and engage the online audience with live Q&A sessions. During the event we will record the footage for you to review at a later date.

TPP Don’t Miss a Beat!

Our technical event production expertise is second to none because we don’t miss a beat when it comes to executing creative events to the highest possible standard.

Meticulous planning is what we do. Involve TPP from the very start to enjoy the real benefits of our experience and knowledge. As a result, we guarantee you will receive top results!

We’ll assess the venue to ensure it is suitable for your desired finish and to ensure our kit list aligns with the venue’s existing facilities. By that we mean we will check the power supply, ceiling height, rigging points, cable routes, floor space and internet speed.

During the recce we’ll discuss your video production requirements. We will ask questions like:

  • Do you require multiple camera angles, auto cues, prompts and effects?
  • Will your online audience need to ask questions during the event, or should they submit questions in advance?
  • Is the event going to be live streamed, delayed or pre-recorded?
  • Will you require a post edit of the event footage?
  • Are there going to be any scheduled breaks during the event?

If you are planning a hybrid event, with an in-person and online audience, we will need to plan camera positions and seating. To ensure the audience in the room has a clear view at all times, we will need to provide screens.

Our Virtual Event Technical Production Offering

With your vision in mind, we will develop a virtual event technical production package. This will include everything you need to deliver an engaging experienced for your audience.

The package will allow for:

  • Lighting design, equipment and operation
  • Rigging
  • Sound and PA systems
  • Screens
  • Video production and streaming solutions 
  • Translation equipment (if required)
  • Set, stage and furnishings 
Virtual event technical production

Professional Set and Stage Design and Build

The set and stage design and build are part of our virtual event services. We’ll create a professional stage and set, complete with lighting, rigging, screens.

To enhance your conference set design we can offer a digital lectern, where you can display your logo or the name of the speaker. We’ll also provide furniture for your speaker panel.

To help you envisage to the final look, we’ll create 3D visuals to show how your stage and set will look in your chosen venue.


Online Security is a TOP PRIORITY

Online security is of course hugely important when running a virtual or hybrid event. Especially, when sharing confidential information about a company or a pharmaceutical study. To prevent any form of cyber attack, we always carry out a cybersecurity risk assessment. Ahead of the event we will provide you with a secure login for your delegates.

technical event company

Health and Safety

The Production People are following the advice of Public Health England when planning and executing all virtual events. We take the health and safety of all our clients and our crew incredibly seriously. Therefore, we go above and beyond to ensure our equipment and our people are prepped and tested accordingly.

Virtual events studio production

Virtual Studio Installations

Thinking of running multiple virtual events and need something a bit more permanent? 

Our virtual studio installation service sets you up to run virtual events whenever you need to. We can install a set/stage, lighting rig, monitors, mixers, dimmers, cameras and all the equipment necessary to get you online.

We’ll even provide the crew as and when you need some professional assistance. 

Visit Hampshire’s Virtual Studio

Join the TPP crew at our purpose built virtual events studio in Hampshire. Enjoy a comfortable day with our friendly crew at our facility near Andover, where you can securely pre-record or live stream your events to your online audience.

virtual events production
Pre-record or live stream your virtual events from our studio in Hampshire.

If you would like to find out more about TPP’s virtual event technical production and set design, please contact us today on 01264 889934.

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