How the Professionals Do Christmas Event Lighting

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Make Christmas Events Extra Special

Professional Christmas event lighting offers an extra special experience for festive parties. From lighting architecture and gardens to decorative projections and party lights, there are endless possibilities to creating the perfect Christmas event or party venue. 

So how do the professionals do Christmas event lighting?

As a lighting company for UK and international events, we know a thing or two about creating that festive vibe. In this blog, we’ll tell you about how to pull off the ultimate Christmas event using professional event lighting throughout your venue.

Why Venues Should Make Christmas 2021 Extra Special

This year, venues across the UK will be looking to make a splash when it comes to Christmas entertainment. In an effort to recover from the repercussions of Covid 19, Christmas presents the opportune time to recoup the losses of the last 18 months and focus on spreading the festive cheer. 

The corporate world is looking to venues to offer something extra special too. Staff need need to rebuild working relationships and they deserve a morale boost. So, what better way, than with a Christmas party with all the trimmings. 

In essence, Christmas 2021 is set to be one of the most celebrated occasions of the last two years. That’s why we’re offering venues the chance to make their Christmas events extra special with our top tips for Christmas event lighting.

Here’s how we can help…

Impress Guests with Architectural Christmas Lighting

There are two types of architectural lighting – interior and exterior. The building’s design is at the core of this lighting genre, which focusses on highlighting the most attractive features. Whether that’s a high roof, ornate ceiling, walls, a sweeping staircase, a spectacular entrance, contemporary or historic architecture. 

When we design and install architectural lighting it infers exclusivity and magical scene.  Therefore, it is destined to impress your guests and immerse them in that all-important festive spirit. 

Outdoor Garden Lighting 

As well as architecture, gardens can be made to look equally impressive for Christmas events.  Outdoor spaces, trees and shrubs can become quite magical when lit with coloured LED flood lights and uplighters, pealight and festoon.

Having endured a year and half of lockdowns, gardens and outdoor spaces have given us so much pleasure. So, why not take this opportunity to show them in all their glory? Better still, why not introduce a garden walk to your itinerary. Guests can start or finish their evening with a magical tour of the gardens before the main event. 

Garden lighting for events and venues

Decorative Festive Lighting  

Decorative lighting can be used to compliment or replace of traditional Christmas decorations both indoors and outdoors. For example, we use intelligent LED lighting to project shapes (gobos) onto walls, floors and ceilings. For the festive season, we could project snowflakes, stars, trees, or indeed any shape of your choice. The projected shapes can be programmed to move around the room and to music if you desire.

In addition to the moving lights, we can colour wash walls in any hue, pea-lights and festoon can be strung around the venue, and generic lighting can illuminate specific zones. 


With professional projection you can illuminates internal or external walls with any scene, image or video. 

You can capture the interest of your guests with a winter wonderland scene, a message from Santa himself, or a montage of festive films. Alternatively, engage your guests in the décor by projecting their photos or a message. Projection can be successfully rendered on internal and external walls, a set or screen.

Technical Event Production Company UK

Party Lighting 

Forget DJ disco lighting, this is your chance to create the ultimate party lighting. We can design and programme a lighting scheme that is destined get your guests up off their seats in the in the party mood. 

We can provide a lighting rig, complete with LED moving lights and battens offering colour precision in the form of washes, beams and spots.

The Complete Set, Stage, Lighting and Technical Production Package

If your Christmas event or party is going to have live entertainment – perhaps a band, comedian or magician – then a set with stage, professional lighting and sound equipment will be a must. For the right look, we can provide the full technical event production package. It comes complete with:

  • Site visit by our professional set builder and lighting designer
  • 3D renders of the complete design within the function room /venue
  • Set build
  • Staging 
  • Lighting hire 
  • Lighting rig 
  • Pre-programmed lighting design
  • PA system 
  • Screens
  • Projection 
  • Crew – Lighting Technician and Sound Engineer
  • Optional film crew for event and edited promo video or virtual event production.

For more information about our technical event production services for Christmas event lighting, please get in touch.

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