Working With a

Conference Production AV Company

Working with a conference production AV company, event planners can off load the technical production details to a team of experts.

As conference production AV company, we know that organising a conference is challenging; all those plates need to keep spinning and not one can slip without the others falling too. 

The last thing you want is a technical problem. At The Production People (TPP), we work with you to make sure your conference production AV is trouble free!

Working as part of your event team, we are by your side from start to finish. That includes:

  • Site surveys
  • Client meetings (if and when you require our input)
  • Teams calls with other suppliers
  • And of course throughout the entire event

Our aim is to help you deliver a professional and remembered conference production. 

Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

The first step to achieving the ultimate conference production is to simply give us a call.

We can help you navigate your conference production AV and full technical services, including:

  • Lighting design, hire, and rigging, plus controls, and network solutions.
  • Audio visual equipment, including screens, projection, laptops, mics, speakers and pa systems.
  • Translation transmitter systems and booths for live interpreters.
  • Power distribution and temporary power.
  • Filming and streaming your virtual or hybrid event.
  • Set and stage design and build.
  • PowerPoint management and laptops
  • Presentation equipment, including spot-on annotation, comfort monitors.

How We Deliver Peace of Mind Through Conference Production AV

When you need to concentrate on organising speakers, guests, travel, presentations, translators, catering and a whole lot more, it’s reassuring to have experts around that can take charge of a department, and that’s exactly how we work. By leaving your conference production AV in our capable hands, we will support you with: 

  • Venue logistics and access
  • Site visits
  • Technical specifications 
  • Floor plans
  • Set and stage design 
  • Filming and streaming 
  • Power management
  • Equipment hire and installation
  • Rigging and stands
  • Full technical production
  • Presentation management
  • Audience engagement
  • Support with third party vendor comms relating to technical production

Support with Logistics and Access

The logistics and access for all your event suppliers can be complex. You will need to be led by suppliers and the venue on what needs to be delivered and when.e

From a technical event production point-of-view, we will let you know:

  • How much time is needed for the build.
  • Access points and special requirements.
  • Times for deliveries and installation. 

Considerations for logistics and access should take place during the venue selection process. That’s why we always recommend coming on board to help with site surveys early on. 

Things to be mindful of when selecting a venue are parking and load-in restrictions. Some venues require overnight load-ins for rigging, sets and stages, which can have a heavy impact on your conference production. We therefore recommend that the technical team are engaged in the planning process, and the lines of communication remain open. Particularly, as any changes to venue access can cause enormous setbacks during the build.

Support with Specifying AV Equipment

Specifying technical equipment is challenging for even the most experienced event planner. So, we recommend leaving the specification to your chosen technical production company.  Often, the technical team will guide you on the products that will achieve the desired look of your event and ensure all practical needs are met too.

Briefing Your Conference Production AV Company

First, you need to provide a brief to your conference production AV company. Here is the initial information needed upon engagement:

  • Venue options/details.
  • Duration of event. 
  • What the event is – conference, stage event, exhibition, award show, corporate function, party etc.
  • The set/stage and existing rig (if any)
  • Power solutions
  • Audio requirements
  • Filming and streaming requirements
  • Do you require a full crew?
  • Is accommodation provided?
  • Access and installation routes.
  • Colour pallet and branding requirements
  • Specialist needs, such as translation equipment
  • Do you require a presentation support package

Your technical production company will give you guidance on the equipment and other solutions that you may not have thought of yet.

If you need support with your technical event production, please be sure to contact us at TPP. We work throughout the UK and worldwide. Therefore, we are well-placed to support your event, not matter where in the world it is.

Conference Set Design 

Conference set design is a fundamental requirement for a lot of corporate events. A bespoke set and stage can be built in almost any location, but the size and styling will ultimately be dictated by the seating plan, access, and space.

Be rest assured, even the smallest of stages can pack a punch. With lighting, AV and furnishings we make an impact.

For larger venues, where visibility of the stage might be limited, additional screens around the room’s perimeter will ensure everyone has a good view. You can also opt for one to two onstage screens.

We can install stages and sets in most venues. However, a site visit is essential before providing a full specification and quote.

Filming and Streaming 

Filming has become standard practice for all kinds of event, particularly conferences, PR launches and fashion shows.

Not only does filming your event give you multiple options for reaching a wider audience, such as sharing it on social media, but it also gives you a chance to review the production. You can watch the content back to see what worked and what you would do differently. 

If virtual event production is one of the options you would like to explore, we offer a useful guide to producing a virtual event.

The Debrief 

Finally, we come to the topic of the debrief. It’s not always something event planners factor in when working with a conference production AV company. The focus is and should always be on the event itself, but it’s also important to take time and reflect on how it all went after the event. You might do this as part of a wider team, or together with your suppliers. Either way, it is an essential part of the process. Inevitably, there will always be room for improvement, so takes some note, review and share your experiences with the team.

The TPP Conference Production AV Service

Having read this blog, you should know by now that we strive to be as helpful as possible. Therefore, please pick up the phone and talk to us about your next conference. We endeavour to be the technical event production partner you can’t be without!

Contact us today on 01264 889 934 or use our contact form

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