Virtual Events Studio

Pre-Recorded or Live-Streamed Events

Welcome to TPP’s virtual events studio, where you can live stream or pre-recording conferences, meetings, training courses, and entertainment shows.

Using the latest live streaming software and customised sets, we can provide a truly immersive brand experience for your online audience, with high quality production.

Our purpose built set is fully portable and can be installed at location or venue of your choice. It comes complete with professional lighting, furniture, digital lectern, screens and a professional camera set-up.

Our experienced crew will put you at your ease throughout the rehearsals and filming to ensure your live streamed or pre-recorded event is a complete success.

The TPP Virtual Events Studio Package

We have created a range of virtual event and conferencing packages to meet the varying needs of our clients.

Each package comes complete with camera crew, director, set, audio visual equipment and the latest live streaming software, complete with live Q&A solutions.

Our comprehensive virtual event studio allows your speakers and expert panel to address their online audience with complete confidence.


Portable Virtual Studio

For your convenience, TPP can set up a virtual events studio in a location of your choice. Provided there is enough space, our crew can install the set and equipment to professionally broadcast your virtual event direct from your own home, office or a venue near you.

Virtual events studio

Custom-Built Video Production Studio for the Office, Home or Venues

TPP can design and build a bespoke video production studio for your office, home or venue. Complete with set, lighting, HD camera set-up, video playback software and all the equipment you need to regularly live stream or pre-record presentations, vlogs, training or conferences.

To find out more, visit our office and home video production studio installation page.


Visit TPP’s Virtual Events Studio Hampshire

Our purpose-built virtual events studio, located just outside of Andover in Hampshire, has been designed to deliver virtual events safely and professionally.

We can accommodate multiple presenters, while conforming to hygiene and social distancing rules.

Just one hour from London with excellent access routes to the Midlands, the West Country and South coast, we are well placed for visitors from throughout the UK.

Onsite we have plenty of free parking, unisex washrooms, and refreshments will be provided throughout the event. For a whole day of filming, our catering contractor can provide a menu of hot and cold food.

Safety First

We take hygiene and the safety of our clients very seriously. Before stepping onset, we will ensure that all the furniture and equipment that you come into contact with is fully sanitized once it is in place. That includes chairs, the lectern, coffee table, microphones, screens, and laptops.

Presenters will have the option of using a fixed microphone, rather than a lapel mic if you feel uncomfortable with our technical team touching you.

During the filming there will be minimal staff in the studio to enforce social distancing rules, and each member of the team will wear a mask.

If you are a visiting TPP’s virtual studio in Hampshire, let us reassure you that our washrooms and kitchen facilities will be fully cleaned and ready to use.

  • Social distancing enforced
  • Masked crew
  • Minimal staff
  • Santized kit, furniture & washrooms
  • Hand sanitizer freely available

Standard Package

The standard virtual events studio package includes a three-camera set-up, designed for direct presentations to a remote audience in a one, two or even three-way chat situation.

Throughout the filming, two cameras will follow the main content, which will be recorded for reference and future transmission post edit. In addition, a third unmanned static camera is used by the director to cut to whilst presenters are repositioning themselves. This is particularly useful to maintaining a seamless transition during live streamed events.

If you have video content within your presentation, we can provide a MacBook Pro loaded with Playback Pro software for a high-quality video playback.

Our Virtual Events Studio offers a plain white backdrop that can be lit to suit your corporate colours, projected with graphics of your choice, or left as it is.

virtual studio Hampshire
virtual events


2 x Sony HD camera and tripod (EX1 or EX3)

1x Sony 4K camera and tripod, used for wide (Z150)

1 x Roland V800HD multi-view SDI vision mixer including multiview monitor

1 x 4-way Tally Pro wireless on-camera tally system

1 x Atamos Shogun Studio 4-way HD HDD

1 x 4-way HDSDI DA

Video Playback: MacBook Pro with PlayBack Pro video package


Equipment as necessary to stream live or pre-recorded content to internet.

A secure site will be provided along with login details for delegates

All content will be recorded for archiving and / or later transmission

1 x streaming kit and Operator


1 x Yamaha QL1 Digital Audio Mixer

2 x Hive PC Balance Box

3 x Sennheiser EW 312 G3 300 Lapel Radio Mic (plus back up)

1 x ASL Talkback 6-Way kit


1 x Digital lectern

2 x White swan chairs

1 x White glass top coffee table

1 x White backdrop


All lighting for presenters

Up-lighting for set panels


1 x Production Manager (1-day pre-production)

1 x Production Manager / Floor Manager / Set Builder

1 x Audio Technician

1 x Lighting Technician /Set Builder

2 x Camera Operators

1 x Vision Director


The Standard package includes a fully bonded 4G back-up system which takes over seamlessly should the existing internet fail during a live stream. The system works across four networks and switches automatically when necessary.

Enhance your online event with TPP’s optional extras, including Graphics, Prompt and Q&A package.

Graphics Package

An experienced PowerPoint Operator will load your presentation onto our system and make any necessary changes to suit the format of our transmission.

Throughout the filmed presentation, they will follow you via a scripted presentation or a cue light, while our Vision Director will cut between live camera and graphics as necessary.

Any short videos can be embedded into the PowerPoint for a seamless transmission in a live streaming scenario.

For presentations pre-recorded for later transmission, the slides can be added during the edit phase if required.

What is included?

1 x experienced PowerPoint Operator

2 x MacBook’s with PowerPoint software

1 x 49-inch LCD floor mounted comfort monitor

1 x Hive Mastercure V6 cue light

1 x Talkback headset and belt pack

Transport quoted per event/venue

virtual events

Prompt Package

The Prompt Package is designed for a flawless presentation to camera. It is especially effective for single speaker presentations, as it eliminates the need for paper notes and enables you to read your speech at your own pace while looking directly to camera.

Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for auto-cue camera monitors, or a 65-inch LCD TV on a stand off stage between the cameras. The choice is yours!

What is included?

1 x Operator

2 x MacBook’s with prompting software

2 x On Camera Glass Auto Cue System

1 x 65-inch LCD monitor with stand

1 x Talkback headset and belt pack

4 x Hours pre-load /edit time

Transport quoted per event /venue

virtual events

Virtual Events Q&A Package

The Q&A Package allows your audience to submit their questions via email during the virtual event using a dedicated email address.

When you are ready, the questions will be transferred into a bite size format and displayed on the monitor in front of you, or to a screen within the lectern, allowing you to answer at your leisure.

What is included?

1 x Laptop for accepting email questions from delegates

1 x Laptop for transferring questions to the presenter’s screen

1 x Lectern screen or a 65-inch LCD monitor with stand for presenters to read the questions from

1 x Operator to copy questions and send to presenter monitor

1 x Talkback headset and belt pack

Transport quoted per event/venue

Professionally Engage with Your Audience Online With TPP

Our virtual events studio packages are entirely flexible to suit you and your event needs, so please contact us to discuss how TPP can help you achieve an engaging and professional online event.

For more about our various virtual event and hybrid event production services talk to us on 01264 889934 or email