Vitual Events Studio Installations

For The Office or Venues

Look professional in all your webinars and save on travel with a virtual event studio installation for your office or venue.

Virtual events are no longer the future, they are the here and now! The pandemic has seen us change the way we run events, conferences, festivals and even train students. Until we can safely meet again, virtual meetings are our only means of professionally presenting to a large audience. 

While there are some fantastic virtual event studios dotted across the country, ideal for conferences and business meetings, wouldn’t it be great to have one in your own office, or venue? 

We are offering businesses and venues the chance to host regular online seminars without travel, with the option of a long-term virtual event studio installation, designed just for you. 

How it Works?

Before building your virtual studio installation, The Production People would visit your desired location to ascertain the size and style required for your virtual event studio set and the associated equipment.

We will discuss your requirements for the set design, lighting, furniture, technical kit and live streaming equipment. Once we have a clear understanding of the way you would like to present from your virtual studio, we will create a design and generate a kit list to meet your requirements. 

Virtual Studio Design

We will design and build a virtual event studio installation that will remain in your office, home, or venue for as long as you need it. This will feature a plain background that can be lit in a colour of your choice or projected upon. We can integrate an LED screen in the centre of the set, or provide a stand mounted screen for your presentations and videos.

Project your presentation, video or chosen artwork onto a plain white background.
The digital lectern can feature artwork, video or a PowerPoint presentation.

If presenting from a lectern is your preference, we can supply a digital lectern that can display key messages, your logo, or artwork of your choice. The lectern can also feature a tablet with Spot-On annotation, allowing you to mark-up parts of a presentation for your virtual audience during question time.

LED lighting will be installed to colour wash the walls as you like. Plus, we will supply a pre-programmed control desk that can change the colours and graphics of the set between sessions. 

If there are times when you expect there to be more than one presenter present, we can supply swan chairs and a coffee table where they can sit and remain on screen ready to pitch in when needed.

Virtual Studio Technical Equipment 

As part of your virtual event studio installation, we will provide all the necessary technical equipment for you to live stream or record professional presentations and seminars to your online audience, including:

  • HD video equipment 
  • Live streaming equipment and software 
  • Audio equipment 
  • Set, lectern and furnishings 
  • Lighting and rigging 
  • LED screens
  • Prompt equipment and auto cues

The level of technical equipment that we provide for your virtual event studio installation will be determined by your presenting format and desired finish. As a starting point, there are two options:

Virtual studio set up

Basic kit for you to operate yourself. 

This option is suitable for frequent meetings that last approximately one hour and require a basic finish with a lit backdrop, screens, lectern and live-to-camera scenarios. We can provide instruction and training on how to operate the equipment supplied.

Advanced equipment operated by our professional camera and production crew.

This option is most suited to longer conferences with multiple speakers or topics that require:

  • Alternating camera angles
  • Lighting effects
  • Projection 
  • Powerpoint operation 
  • Audio mixing for multiple speakers
  • Auto cue operation 
  • Recorded sessions 
  • Q&A sessions with live feed

For this option, you would tell us when the event is taking place and we would supply the appropriate crew. The virtual studio would already be installed, so any extra costs would only be for staff.

How Much Does a Virtual Event Studio Installation Cost?

The cost of your virtual event studio installation is determined by the size of the set and level of equipment required. 

The good news is we offer you the option of a permanent installation, whereby you purchase all the equipment, or you can opt for a long-term hire agreement.

 Where Do We Operate?

As an international technical production company, we typically operate worldwide. This means, we are prepared to design and build your virtual event studio installation almost anywhere. 

Our headquarters is in Andover, Hampshire, which means we have excellent access to London, Dorset, Surrey, Wiltshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Oxford and Somerset, but please be assured, we are a company very familiar with travel, so location is never a problem! 

To find out more about our virtual event studio installation services for offices and venues, please contact us on 01264 889 934 or email

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