Conference Production

Set, Stage and Technical Production

Professional live and virtual conference production in London, the UK and worldwide.

Welcome TPP to your professional event team and we’ll guarantee exceptional lighting design, sound, set and stage production.

Whether you are planning a live, hybrid or completely virtual conference, our technical event production crew will advise on the right kit for your event, while our conference design team will create a stage and set that can be transported and installed in multiple venues.

From the initial recce of your venue through to the live event, we are there throughout to support your conference production in London, or internationally.

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Conference Design

For an immersive brand experience, you’ve come to the right place. Achieving the right look and layout for your conference is our speciality. TPP’s conference design and technical team cover all bases, including the set, lighting, room layout, projection and graphics.

We work as part of your event team to create a conference design that is fitting of the venue, on brand, sustainable, and can be created within the allocated time frame.

Speak to our conference design team today – contact us!

Set and Stage Design and Build

We can design and build a set and stage that echoes your corporate identity. We’ll include essential technical equipment within the design, such as screens, digital lecterns and event lighting.

Designing your stage lighting will be our experienced lighting designer, who will programme each element of your presentation before the event.

On stage, you can opt for a range of furniture, including swan chairs, a coffee table and lectern. Our digital lecterns can display your company logo, the presentation, or any other graphics you would like your audience to see.

Technical Production

The technical production is key to any live, virtual or hybrid event, but especially a conference. Our expert designers and production team can provide high quality event lighting, sound, projection, video and live streaming solutions to ensure your conference production looks and sounds professional.

Putting aside the audio-visual aspect, the technical event production also needs to support the overall presentation. The last thing a presenter wants to worry about is how they sound or how the slides on their presentation are displayed.

Our priority is ensuring you have all the kit you need for your audience and presenters. Here’s a taster or the type of kit we can provide for a seamless presentation.

Lapel mics for each presenter on stage

Back-up mic mounted to the lectern

Floor mounted comfort monitor for displaying the presentation slides

Mac Book Pro for accepting email questions

Spot On Annotation allows the presenter to mark-up areas of the presentation live on stage using the tablet mounted on the lectern. This is far more effective than the traditional laser pen, especially when presenting to an online audience.

Translation transmission equipment provides a live feed from interpreters to headsets worn by individual audience member. Our equipment can accommodate multiple languages.

Throughout your conference, an experienced TPP PowerPoint operator and Production Manager will provide support.

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Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

To appeal to an online audience, you can either opt for a completely virtual conference or a hybrid conference.

What’s the difference?

A virtual conference is broadcast entirely online and filmed in a studio environment with a camera crew. It can be pre-recorded, partially recorded, or live streamed.

A hybrid conference is a combination of an in-person and online audience, with a camera and video production crew onsite.

TPP can support both virtual and hybrid conferences, including Q&A support for your online audience.

To discover more about our conference production in London and worldwide, please contact The Production People.