Fashion Show Production

Lighting, Runway, Filming

Dominate, influence and capture the world’s attention with professional fashion show production.

Working with UK and international clients, The Production People (TPP) deliver high-end fashion show production worldwide.

Based in London UK, we travel the world to create spaces that showcase the next seasonal high-end fashion trends.

By fusing creativity and technical expertise, we can ensure your fashion show production looks sensational and performs on cue.

Our core deliverables include design and full technical production. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Lighting 
  • Audio visual
  • Set and runway 
  • Filming and streaming
  • Rigging and power 
All of our design and production services come with professional crew, equipment hire, rigging and build services. 

Creative and Insightful Fashion Show Production

Working as part of your event team, we provide technical, practical and creative insight. No matter how avant-garde your ideas may seem, we can find solutions to almost any problem.

Avant Garde Catwalk Design & Locations

With designers wanting to make their shows stand out from the crowd, locations for fashion shows are becoming more avant-garde year on year. From roof tops with city views to botanical gardens, car parks to disused warehouses and train stations, locations are chosen for their obscurity, relevance and ability to wow.

The notion to be distinct when location finding can present technical and practical challenges for a fashion show production. Fortunately, you have stumbled across a technical event production company that too thinks outside of the box, and understands there is no standard mould to catwalk design.

All of your Design and Technical Needs Right Here!

Pushing boundaries in design to stand out and be noticed is essential to any fashion show production. But, in equal measure, this is a staged performance that needs to run smoothly and on time.

Here at TPP, we take the design and technical production seriously. Here’s what we offer…

Lighting Design 

Punchy to demure, fashion show lighting takes many different genres, depending on the mood and tone of your event.

Using the very best lighting equipment and controls, we can create lighting design that will accentuate your garments in real life and on camera.

Audio Visual 

In addition to lighting your fashion show production, we can provide the necessary Audio-Visual equipment, such as:

  • Screens
  • Video walls
  • Monitors
  • Projection 
  • Laptops 
  • Speakers
  • Microphones 
  • Sound mixers
  • In-ear radios
  • Headsets 

Set and Runway Build

Catwalks take on all styles, shapes, themes and locations, so when it comes to the build, you need a technical production partner that is reliable and experienced.

At TPP, we’ve created stages, sets and runways for multiple fashion show productions, and can provide sound advice on how to transfer your ideas into reality. With proper planning and communication, we believe anything is possible!

Filming and Streaming 

Filming and streaming your fashion shows for social media gives you a much wider reach and the footage can be edited for future content to be used long after the initial hype.

As part of our technical production services, we can film, stream and edit your fashion show. We can also film sound bites, Q&As with the designers, and interviews with the audience.

Find out more on our virtual event production page.

Rigging and Power

Rigging and temporary power solutions are part and parcel of TPP’s technical production services. 

We’ll work with the venue to ensure the appropriate rigging solutions can be installed safely. We can rig truss, hoists, stands and floor mounts to support a range of lighting, camera and AV equipment. 

As for power, we can put in place a range of temporary solutions to manage the power loads of all the equipment required for your event, including:

  • Generators 
  • Power Distribution Units 
  • Cabling
Fashion show lighting

End-to-End Fashion Show Production

From the initial design stages to the event itself, TPP provide technical advice and support.

We start with a site visit and briefing with the event team. We will work with you to ensure the design, build and production runs as smoothly as possible.

How TPP can Support a Range of Fashion Week Events

Fashion Week isn’t only about haute couture fashion houses, celebrity and VIP guests. There are a variety of fashion shows by immerging designers, mainstream retailer and graduates. Plus, each city offers a fan fair of activities, including:

  • Workshops
  • Intimate events
  • Exhibits by fashion and textile colleges
  • Restaurant and bar promotions
  • Live DJ sets
  • Parties

TPP can provide event production for celebrations across every city in world.

Supporting International Fashion Events

TPP travel the world to deliver international event production, and fashion show production is no exception. We work with clients globally to ensure events remain consistent and produced to a high standard. 

London, Paris, New York and Milan are undoubtedly the most prominent cities in the international fashion week calendar. Taking place in June and September, the world’s most renowned fashion houses use these locations to showcase the next season’s trends.

Although, these four locations are home of some of the most formidable fashion shows on earth, let’s not forget the other cities around the globe that too host fashion weeks.

Take East Asia for example – Tokyo in Japan, Seoul in South Korea and Taipei in Taiwan all host their own fashion week.

Across the pond in the USA, it’s a similar story. Aside from NYC,  there are fashion weeks in LA, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Miami, Omaha, Oklahoma, Kansas, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Columbia and Costa Rica.

Closer to home in the Europe, there are fashion weeks in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagan and Barcelona. 

No matter where your event is taking place, TPP can provide professional turnkey technical event production

Contact us to discover how we can help with your next fashion show production.