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TPP provide expert conference production for businesses and event planners worldwide.

We provide technical support, set and stage design and build, as well as filming and streaming for conferences in the UK and on a global scale.

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UK and Worldwide Conference Production

While we are a UK-based conference production company, we support events worldwide.

There are few places we haven’t been to, so we have a great understanding of local services across continents. We also have a global network of suppliers, so if we do need to call on them we can. 

Technical Production

Professional conference production shouldn’t have technical faults, there should be no glitches. It should, however, enable a seamless flow of content. With expert technical production, your conference will be the professional event you envisages.

Here’s a round-up of the technical support we can offer as part of your conference production:

  • Lighting
  • Rigging
  • Projection
  • Screens
  • Sound 
  • Mics
  • Presenter aids
  • Comfort monitors
  • PowerPoint Management
  • Networks
  • Filming 
  • Streaming
  • Power distribution 
  • Temporary power
  • Translation equipment & booths
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Set and Stage Design and Build 

For your conference design, TPP can create a set and stage to reflect your company branding and values.

Following a thorough site visit of the venue to assess the available space and facilities, we will create 3D CAD visuals and 2D layouts to show you exactly how your set and stage will look. This allows you to make tweaks and adjustments ahead of the event. 

As part of your conference set design, we will specify the lighting, rigging, cabling, audio visual, screens, projection, and furnishings. 

Ahead of your event, our set builders will load in the set and stage, along with the rest of the technical equipment. We will advise on the time scales required for the build, so that you can make the appropriate arrangements with the venue. 

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Filming and Streaming 

There are plenty of reasons to film your event, for example:

  • Stream to a live online audience 
  • Record to edit and stream at a later date
  • For training purposes
  • To keep as a record of content 
  • For marketing purposes

At The Production People, we provide conference video production and as part of our conference services. We can use static hot head cameras for multiple camera angles, or use our camera crew operators for a more dynamic approach. Our experts will talk you through the options to ensure you have the best solution for your event.

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Logistics & Planning

Proper planning prevents poor performance; we live by this phrase at every stage of every project. 

Preparing the logistics and planning are critical to successful conference production, particularly for events overseas. Our conference producers will attend site visits to ensure there is adequate access in and around the venue. We will manage the logistics of the technical crew and equipment, including transport and shipping, ensuring everyone and everything is on site at the right time.


Before any conference, we like to give you and your speakers the opportunity to rehearse. 

A rehearsal may merely be to check out the stage set up and check the audio, or you might want to go through the event in more detail. Depending on your requirements, we can schedule this in to your production schedule.

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Speaker Support

Our speaker support packages are designed to give presenters peace of mind when on stage. During the live conference, the speak will be equipped with a personal audio system and lapel mic, or if their preference is a handheld mic, we can provide this too. 

As for the PowerPoint presentation, our crew will cue the slides to appear at the right time. At ground level, we will position comfort monitors, which display the presentation in front of the speaker, ensuring they stay on track. 

We also offer Spot on Annotation, which allows the speaker to digitally highlight/draw on the presentation. Think of it as the modern-day equivalent to the red laser pen. Spot-On Annotation is ideal for those Q&A sessions where the speaker needs to revert back to content within a slide.

Translation Equipment

For conferences that welcome an international audience, you might be considering a live translation of the content.

To facilitate your translators, we can provide private soundproof booths complete with digital radio transmitters, which broadcast the content to the delgate’s headphones.

Translation equipment

How Can TPP Help?

From Seoul to San Francisco, Melbourne to Johannesburg, London to Mimbai we can support conference productions on a local and international stage. Speak to our experts today.