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Virtual Conference Production London

TPP’s virtual conference production packages have meant companies have been able to carry on engaging with their wider workforce and audience throughout the pandemic.

The Production People has supported the movement in virtual conference production. Even before the pandemic struck, the majority of our conferences involved video production and live streaming. This has always been part of our technical event production package.

By implementing the latest video conferencing software and professional technical production, companies have been able broadcast to their audiences worldwide. This has been a lifeline for organisations that rely on B2B conferencing to train and share information.

When lockdown measures were enforced, we were well placed to support businesses as they adjusted to live streaming their conferences, events and concerts online.

As a result, we implemented several virtual conference production solutions that have allowed business events to continue.

Complete, with set, stage, lighting, rigging, audio visual, video production and streaming software, we offer the complete package!

TPP launched a Virtual Events Studio for Conferences

Early on in the pandemic we launched a compact and portable virtual events studio. This professional space has allowed speakers, trainers, stakeholders and entertainers the opportunity to engage with their online audience.

Our virtual events studio comes fully equipped with everything you need to present online:

  • Set
  • Furniture
  • Digital lecturn
  • Camera equipment
  • Audio equipment
  • Professional lighting
  • Operators and crew

The Virtual Conference London

In addition to the portable virtual events studio, TPP has also supported hybrid events.

We were invited to supply the technical event production, set and stage design for a virtual conference London. It took place at the Grovsner Hotel and was held in one of the conference rooms, which provided suitable space for the set, stage, lighting rig and crew.

At the time of the event, strict social distancing measures allowed a small live audience in the room.

The Production Package

To create a professional look for the live streamed virtual conference London, we supplied:

  • Set
  • Stage
  • Screens
  • Furniture
  • Lighting rig
  • Professional lighting design
  • Controls

From Conference to Concert

Virtual conference production in London has been essential to businesses during the pandemic, but entertainment too has helped to keep up morale.

Exclusive Olly Murs Virtual Concert

To entertain the staff at one London company, an exclusive Olly Murs virtual concert was privately broadcast to a worldwide audience. The singer performed his top tracks. Then, sat down for an informal chat, taking questions from the audience watching from home.

For the virtual conference, we supplied the lighting, rigging, set and stage.

You can find out more information about the TPP virtual conference production package on our pages: virtual event production and technical event production.

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