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India, Kenya, Brazil

Three Conference Productions in Three Countries Over Four Weeks, with One Month to Plan

We’re not a technical production company phased by fast turn arounds, transport logistics and travel, but we must admit, even we winced (just a little) at the prospect of turning around three conferences across three countries in four weeks. Oh, and did we mention, we only had four weeks to plan everything!

The Brief

When our long-standing pharmaceutical client reached out to us, asking if we could produce conferences about their recent study, in India, Brazil, and Kenya, over a four-week period, with just a month to plan before the first conference, we had to ask ourselves: Can we realistically do this?

Having produced pharmaceutical conferences for over 20 years – some in quick succession –   we understood the nature and urgency required for share very delicate and confidential information quickly and in person. So, our answer was: Of course we can, there aren’t many things we can’t do.

However, we knew producing our usual refined technical production might not be feasible on this occasion. Especially, as we couldn’t perform our an in-person site visit. Instead, we would be reliant on information shared by the venue, the client and our local suppliers. Therefore, we had anticipated having to make some challenging decisions onsite. Being the prudent conference production planners that we are, we knew that simplicity would be the key in this situation.

With just a month before we produced the first of three conferences, our team got to work immediately. We had technical specifications to plan, room plans to draw, crew to source, kit to supply, plus sets and stages to design/build/plan. 

After a month, we were ready, and the client was reassured we were ready and raring to go.

Conference Production #1 – Kenya

Our first of the three pharmaceutical conferences took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The space within the conference suite was limited, therefore our usual set and stage was not an option. Instead, we focussed our attention on creating an engaging conference space. 

Due to the banquet seating layout, we chose to install five screens around the room to give everyone the best view of the content being presented. 

Throughout the presentation, we controlled the sound and provided presentation support.

Conference Production #2 – India

Three weeks after the first event, we travelled to Mumbai in India, where we prepared to create conference at the Westin Mumbai Garden City Hotel.

Given the time constraints, the limited skillset of our local crew, access to quality AV equipment, and the fact we couldn’t do a site visit ahead of the event, we could provide only the basic necessities for a conference of this nature. 

The set and stage were built from scratch within the hotel’s conference suite. Fortunately, it was a capacious room for our local crew to work in. While the set was not to our usually refined finish, we were able to include a central screen, lectern, projection, screens around the room and basic AV. 

Conference Production #3 – Brazil

Four days after the conference in India, we were back onsite in Brazil. This time our venue was the Intercontinental Hotel in Sao Paulo. 

Our client’s conference was scheduled ahead of a major medical congress; therefore, a lot of the set, staging and AV was already in place, ready for us to implement. As a result, we made some minor adaptation and managed the content.

The Roadshow Continues

Delighted that we had managed to pull off three conference productions across three of their target regions in just four weeks, our client continues to share their pharmaceutical study to audiences around the globe. Our next stop was Chile.

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