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Virtual Events Studio

TPP’s Virtual Events Studio in Hampshire is the ideal space for professionally presenting to an online audience. In this instance it could be lifesaving!

Daisy First Aid Andover is a part of a national first aid training resource, teaching parents, schools and childcare providers how to perform critical first aid on infants and children.

Traditionally the training sessions takes place in an open room, but during the Covid-19 lockdown, this was not possible. With new parents keen to take part in the sessions, Daisy First Aid Andover needed a space they could interact with their online audience. That’s where we came in.

For Daisy First Aid Andover, it was essential that Trainer, Kirsty, could see her audience. She needed to ensure they were performing the actions correctly during the demonstration. For this we provided a 32” monitor linked to a Zoom feed. The monitor was placed just below the camera to ensure Kirsty continually addressed her audience throughout the filming, while assessing how they were doing.

While our standard package offers multiple camera angles, for this filming, we used one locked off HD camera, so that Kirsty didn’t have to worry about the camera angles during her demonstration. She could focus purely on her client.

A K8 monitor speaker ensured that Kirsty could hear her participants clearly. Equally it was important that Kirsty’s viewers could hear her, so we fitted Kirsty with a Countryman headset mic which was controlled by a Yamaha audio mixer.

The kit provided for the virtual training course is included within our standard Virtual Studio package, which you can read more about on Virtual Events Studio page.

Rehearsal and Live Broadcast

The live training session was an hour long, but it was important that Kirsty got a feel for the studio and the camera arrangement before the session. Arriving two hours ahead of the live broadcast allowed Kirsty time to prepare and trial the equipment. Meanwhile, our production crew adjusted the lighting to suit Kirsty and checked the sound levels.

Take Away Recording

The live streamed demonstration was recorded so that Kirsty could play it back at a later date to review and appraise her own performance. We sent Kirsty two recorded versions of her session with us. One included her Zoom participants. The other was just of Kirsty’s demonstration to camera.

We record all sessions filmed in our Virtual Events Studio, which can be referenced or shared after the live streamed broadcast.

Word From the Client

“The TPP Virtual Studio delivered above and beyond my expectations. I could never have achieved any where near the same production using my home laptop.

As a first aid trainer I needed to focus on demonstrating first aid, not worrying about the angle of the camera, internet speed, or the sound. The Production People’s attention to detail meant that I could concentrate on what I needed to do and still communicate effectively with my client.

The team really did make me feel at ease. They gave me plenty of time to rehearse and get used to the set. Honestly, the entire process felt close to an in-person training session and I couldn’t recommend the experience enough to fellow trainers, demonstrators and teachers,” Kirsty, Daisy First Aid Andover.

How To Book

The TPP Virtual Studio in Hampshire is available to book now. Clients further afield, will be pleased to know that the studio is fully portable and can be installed in an office or venue near you.

If you are a company or entertainer anywhere in the UK that would like to book our virtual studio for a training course, business meeting, presentation or sketch, contact our production team at

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