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Pharmaceutical Conference


Conference Stage Design and Event Production

Welcome to our case study on the Barcelona Pharmaceutical Conference. For this event we returned to the exquisite Renaissance Barcelona Hotel, where we delivered the conference stage design and technical event production for international delegates attending a highly confidential conference.

The Brief

The Production People (TPP) have been designing stages and providing technical event production for conferences and live events for 20+ years and on this occasion, we were asked to create the conference stage design and technical production for a pharmaceutical meeting in Barcelona.

The conference would be attended by international delegates. While all presentations would be presented in English, they would need to be translated into two other languages during the live conference.

The brief involved:

The conference contained information of a sensitive nature, which meant that security was of the utmost importance. The presentation content needed to be securely stored and protected before, during and after the event.

The Planning

To effectively execute an engaging conference stage design, technical production and additional translation support, the five P rule was essential: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

For this conference, TPP became the technical and stage arm of the event team. A role that we assume with most of our event management clients. We attended all site visits to understand the true scale and layout of the venue and the existing amenities in place in the conference room.

By understanding the available space, we were able to develop a comprehensive plan, 2D technical drawings and 3D renders of the stage, kit and delegate seating.

The planning documents we produced showed:

  • The stage in scale
  • Seating layout
  • The operation desk position
  • Rigging dimensions and equipment
  • Cable routes
  • Power distribution calculations
  • Access for delivery and loading

The Renaissance Barcelona Hotel is especially difficult venue to load in to, so particular attention had to be made to the access and delivery arrangements within our planning documents.


We appreciate a lot of corporate conferences are strictly confidential and, in this case, security played a major role within our planning and execution.

The presentation was highly sensitive. For that reason, TPP put in place measures to ensure all documents were password protected and laptops were removed and securely stored overnight. The venue was locked when unoccupied and all files were deleted after the event.

Conference Stage Design

Our client needed an engaging stage design, that wasn’t a distraction from the main presentation. We therefore designed a streamlined set and substantial stage area, which incorporated:

  • A central integrated projection screen
  • Additional screens throughout the room for optimum viewing
  • Colour wash LED lighting
  • Presentation lectern with integrated screen
  • Stylish seating and accessories for guest presenters

As part of the conference stage design process, the TPP team developed clear and concise 3D renders which help to portray exactly how much space the function room offered for the number of delegates. It’s far better to know in advance how the seating arrangement will fit within the space to avoid any confusion or problems with the venue later on.

Technical Production

With the stage and set design complete, the TPP team specified the lighting and AV equipment to support the design.

For European events, such as this, we will always attempt to use our own UK technical equipment. That’s because we stock lighting, rigging and power equipment from leading manufacturers, and know that it has been tested and serviced before the event.

The hotel’s standard conference room lighting wasn’t versatile enough for the look we wanted to achieve. We needed to control the lighting and make subtle changes to the colour temperature throughout the conference. Our lighting designers opted for Martin ELP LED Profiles to light the main stage. While the set panels were colour-washed using Pulsar Chroma Battens in the recess below the set floor.

The Avolites Tiger Touch console enables us to create the desired look for each keynote speaker.

Panasonic PT-RZ970, 10K Lumen Laser projectors were installed to display the presentation onto the central screen and was replicated on the presenter’s prompt cues by the stage and various screens around the room to optimise viewing for all delegates.

The conference presenters were each fitted with a Sennheiser radio lapel mic. They could also opt for a Countryman DPA headset mic for answering any questions whilst sat on the stage seating, away from the main lectern.

On the main lectern two audio conference microphones were fitted as backup mics in case the personal radio mics failed.

All of audio equipment with the conference room was managed by a Yamaha QL1 console for a clear and precise sound.

The wireless conferencing system transmitted to not just the main room’s speaker, but also to the translation booths, which we will cover in more detail shortly. Next, let us tell you about the presentation equipment we supplied for this event…

Communication Equipment

The technical production was more than just creating the look and sound of the conference. We also specified ‘SpotOn’ annotation to enhance the presenter’s interaction with their audience. This system is used for highlighting significant elements within a presentation, which is far more effective than the traditional laser pen.

SpotOn can be operated by the presenter using an interactive touch screen tablet positioned upon the lectern. Using their finger, the presenter can simply draw, circle, underline or point arrows to elements within their presentation that they would like to highlight, and hey presto, it’s replicated upon the screen! The markings can easily be removed or referred to during the presentation.

For this conference, like many, we installed prompt cues on the floor in front of the stage and next to the stage seating area.

These small screens show the presenter which slide is on the main screen, or they can choose to see the next slide of their presentation. It all depends on personal preference and we endeavour to cater for all.

The prompt cues save the presenters from turning away from their audience to look at the screen to further enhance the audience engagement.

Translation Equipment for a Multilingual Conference

We’ve already mentioned that this was a multilingual conference, comprising three different languages. Due to the complexity of the information being delivered, it was essential each delegate could fully understand the content.

To support for this multilingual conference we specified personal Sennheiser headphones and transmitters for all 40 delegates. Each headset was programmed to received the appropriate audio translation from the translators in the room.

Translation booths housed the professional translators, who relayed the information throughout the conference to the appropriate delegates. Each booth was fitted with an SL interpreter console, which provided wireless audio transmission.

‘The SL interpreter allows one or two interpreters to monitor the floor or relay sources, activate microphone inputs, and route the interpretation signal to different outputs’

With the translation equipment firmly in place, the set, stage and technical production was complete. All that was left was rehearsals and the main event.

Rehearsal and Execution

Before any major conference it’s important that the presenters are given the opportunity to rehearse on stage. This crucial time allows individuals to practice using all the equipment they are expected to operate.

During the rehearsals for the Pharmaceutical Conference, we were able to show the presenters how to use the SpotOn annotation system, trial and adapt the sound levels, adjust the lighting, and iron out any issues. Again, it all comes down to the planning and preparation!

When conference day arrived everything went incredibly well, thanks to the planning, preparation, knowledge and experience of the expert team at TPP.

It was a delight to work with an amazing client, who were professional to the core and at a venue that is simply unique.

Thank you to our client and to our team for another successful event!

To discover more about our conference production packages in London, UK and international events, please contact the TPP team.

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