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AWS & Ferrari Italian Grand Prix Corporate Hospitality


Technical Production

TPP had the pleasure of delivering the technical production for the AWS and Ferrari Italian Grand Prix Hospitality Suite at Monza and the after party at Martini in Milan.

About AWS and Ferrari Italian Grand Prix Hospitality

AWS has partnered with the Ferrari F1 team since 2021. In that time they have provided vital AI and cloud support to ensure the Ferrari team has access to the world’s best data insight.

As part of their collaboration, AWS maintains a high profile at all Formula One Grand Prix events. You’ll be familiar with their branding around the circuit and on the Ferrari race car.

In full support of Ferrari, AWS provide exclusive corporate hospitality throughout Grand Prix events for a range of VIP guests.  

The Italian Grand Prix was no exception. AWS assumed a paddock-side view of the action at the internationally renowned Monza race circuit. Ensuring the brand impressed its VIPs, The Production People were called upon to create an atmosphere that aligned with the dynamic partnership. 

AWS F1 Corporate Hospitality at Monza Race Circuit

The Production People (TPP) has supported AWS F1 events since 2021. Upon appointment we created an identity for AWS F1 events that has been rolled out in multiple hospitality suites and venues worldwide. 

The lighting design has been created predominantly using LED tubes. Through advanced pixel mapping, the tubes can create a range of sequences, shapes and designs – from flags to racing arrows and more. 

Creating a Dynamic Display Platform for Ferrari’s F1 Race Car

We used LED light tubes to create a jaw dropping platform for the Ferrari F1 display car, which greeted guests upon arrival. The tubes were mounted vertically, presenting a caged effect and an air of dramatic performance that one would inevitably expect of a Ferrari F1 race car. 

We programmed the LED tubes to create a sequence that included various dynamic displays, including travelling arrows, the Italian flag.

Inside The AWS & Ferrari Hospitality Suite

Astera’s Titan Tubes are one of our preferred products for creating AWS look. On this occasion we use the tubes throughout the Monza hospitality suite and on the exterior viewing area. You see, the Astera tubes offer high colour rendering, even in full sunshine. Therefore, we installed them on the pillars on the outside viewing platform.

Inside the Monza hospitality suite, we used the LED tubes to make an impact upon arrival. We fitted clusters of the Titan Tubes to the wall and ceiling at the entrance in a fan-formation. 

The LED tubes were also mounted within the set to frame multiple screens in the lounge area and on pillars. This provided the backdrop for interviews with race drivers and integral members of the Ferrari F1 team throughout the Grand Prix weekend.

The LED tubes were colour coordinated for maximum impact throughout the hospitality suite interior.

Event lighting

AWS and Ferrari Italian Grand Prix Party Lighting at Martini, Milan

Concluding the Italian Grand Prix, AWS hosted an after party for all its guests. The event welcomed VIPs to the Terrezza Martini Milan, an opulent venue in the heart of the fashion capital of the world.

Party Lighting

To echo the branding from the Monza hospitality suite, we installed the iconic LED tubes within the party venue. This time, we built a framework for the tubes to create a temporary feature within the room. We also fitted the tubes to pillars, just as we did in the hospitality suite. 

To further emphasis the branding, we installed uplighters, which were programmed to subtly provide a wash of Ferrari red throughout the hospitality suite and the exterior terrace. The uplighters brought another layer to the overall lighting design and uplifted key features, such as planting and architecture.

Set and Stage

Over dinner, the guests were indulged as an audience with F1 royalty. The VIP panel included: racing driver, David Culthard; F1 technology consultant, Rob Smedley; sports broadcaster, Laura Winter; plus, journalist and host for the evening, Vicki Butler-Henderson. 

For the panel, we built a set and stage with a black backdrop, integrated screen and of course more of the LED tubes.

Technical Production

As the technical production company for the AWS and Ferrari Italian Grand Prix hospitality, we were responsible for the complete audio-visual installation, which included the PA system, screens, power, room lighting and feature lighting.  

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