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Exhibition Lighting Design and Rigging

ICE Totally Gaming is the world’s largest international trade exhibition for the world of on- and off-line gaming. With over 35,000 visitors, this exhibition provides a platform for 10 sectors of the gaming industry, offering the chance to network, discover new ideas and launch their latest products to decision makers from around the globe.

This is the B2B event for the gaming world and The Production People (TPP) were the technical production company delivering exhibition lighting design and rigging for TCS John Huxley, who are the producers of live gaming equipment for prestigious casinos worldwide and exclusive establishments.

The Brief

TCS John Huxley instructed Advent Exhibitions to design and build their exhibition stand for the ICE Totally Gaming event at ExCel. Having worked with Advent Exhibitions for 15 years we were delighted when asked to deliver the technical production for the event.

The brief involved the exhibition lighting design and rigging to complement and enhance Advent’s spectacular stand design.

There were three main requirements for the lighting and rigging, which included:

  • Lighting a 20m x 2m curved banner, suspended above the stand for optimum exposure within the hall
  • Light large panel wall graphics
  • Provide general lighting to the stand

Lighting Design

During the exhibition lighting design phase, we needed to pay careful consideration to the light sensitive gaming tables, which could not be exposed to direct light. Therefore, we decided to back light much of the stand’s features using Chauvet LED Rouge Washes and Martin ELP LED Profiles to light:

  • The large suspended overhead curved banner
  • Four of the large graphics on the wall
  • Reception counter
  • Four static gaming products
  • The overall stand

To keep the power costs down for the end client, we used all LED fixtures, which we operated using an Avolite Tiger Touch desk for its powerful performance and versatile features.


To back light the suspended banner, measuring 20m x 2m above the stand, TPP designed a curved lighting rig with 14 Martin ELP LED Profile fixtures. Additional truss was hung to support the Chauvet LED Rouge Washs, which would light the wall panels, products and the rest of the stand. For the techs among us, we used Total Fabrications Slick LiteBox MKII Truss.

For the size of rig used for the TCS John Huxley exhibition stand, the cost of using ExCel’s motors and points could have been astronomical for the end client. Fortunately, the TPP rigging team were able to draw on their wealth of knowledge and expertise to develop a lighting rig that used as few of ExCel’s points and motors as possible, saving the client substantial venue fees.


As the lighting and rigging contractor for the TCS John Huxley exhibition stand, TPP needed access to the venue before Advent Exhibition’s stand builders could begin their job. Thankfully, working for Advent Exhibitions, who are incredibly thorough when it comes to organisation, we were given a suitable time frame to undertake the exhibition stand’s rigging phase.

With enough time in the schedule, our only challenge was to access the venue itself. Using ExCel’s online traffic management system, which went live seven days before the first load-in day, we needed to book a load-in time. As the first contractor required onsite, we had to get in early.

Being a large exhibition, naturally a lot of contractors were booking load-in slots at the same time. By the time TPP eventually got through, all the slots had gone. This posed a significant problem.

Advent Exhibitions had to step in. They made a call to the organisers and after extensive negotiation, TPP were eventually given a suitable time slot.

Once onsite and loaded into ExCel, the rigging could commence. Four of TPP’s lighting technicians were onsite to rig the first phase. It took one day to complete, then it was time for Advent Exhibitions to build the stand itself.

The TPP crew returned to focus and programme the lighting design once the build was finished. Two crew were onsite to focus and programme and one board op.

The final look was sensational, and we are incredibly proud of the outcome.

Thank you to Advent Exhibitions for choosing TPP as the exhibition lighting design and rigging contractor for ICE Totally Gaming. Over the last 15 years, you have been an outstanding client and we’ve appreciated your efficient nature and charisma.

More on Exhibition Lighting Design and Rigging

The Production People have extensive experience and knowledge of exhibition lighting design and rigging for trade and consumer events and conferences. We have worked in the world’s leading exhibition halls and have the knowledge and expertise to understand how they operate. As we’ve demonstrated in this case study, with the correct preparation we can save you time and unnecessary venue fees.

For more information on TPP’s exhibition lighting design and rigging services, give our team a call on 01264 889934.

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