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TPP, The Launch Event Lighting Supplier for Volt

When a high-profile launch event lands on the production desk, we get a titter of excitement. That was exactly the case with the Virgin and O2 Volt launch. This event would mark one of the largest comms mergers ever! 

The Production People were enrolled as the launch event lighting suppliers. Our job was to create an immersive brand experience using creative lighting for a series of events in London that would celebrate the collaboration of two major players in the world of communication and entertainment.

Let’s Start at The Beginning…

Earlier this year, Virgin and O2 joined forces in one of the entertainment and communication industries biggest mergers – worth a grand sum of £31 billion.

Months later, the dual brands launched their first collaborative campaign under the pseudonym, Volt. The campaign offers both Virgin and O2 customers some exciting perks, including:

  • Broadband speed boost to the next tier available (e.g. 100Mbps boosted to 200Mbps)
  • Double mobile data on all eligible O2 Pay Monthly plans (e.g. 10GB boosted to 20GB)
  • Up to £150 off a connected device such as a tablet or smartwatch when taking a new O2 Pay Monthly Custom plan
  • WiFi Pods available to bolster connectivity around the home
  • Roaming in 75 countries including USA, Australia and Spain with O2 Travel

Volt Brand Experience 

The agency in charge of developing the collaborative look for the brand event was Ice, The Brand Experience Agency, who have worked with O2 since 2002.

As ICE’s technical event production partner, together we developed a striking identity for the event that matched the electrifying corporate branding. Essentially, we combined the two recognisable brand colours of blue (for O2) and red (for Virgin).

Understanding the branding and its significance was key to ensuring we achieved a fully immersive experience using the launch event lighting. 

Volt Launch Events 

As part of the brand campaign, a series of Volt launch events took place throughout London. The first two events were soft launches held at Twickenham Stadium.

This was followed by a major media launch, attended by a host of celebrity guests. The venue for the blue-chip event was one of the coolest in town; ME Hotel, on the Strand

Celebrity guests, including Pussy Cat Dolls’ Kimberly Wyatt and Daisy Lowe, were guest DJs. The following day, the event hit the Show biz headlines in the Daily Mail and Mail Online.

Launch Event Lighting

As the technical production company for the events, we supplied the launch event lighting at both London venues.

The lighting design for all three events implemented the corporate colours of red and blue. 

Twickenham Stadium Lighting

For the soft launch at Twickenham Stadium, we used simple uplighters around the bar area. The uplighters lit the walls and pillars in red and blue. This was not classed as the official launch event, so the equipment specification was kept to a minimum. 

Volt-Launch-Twickenham-Stadium Event Lighting

ME Hotel, Strand Launch Event Lighting

When the time came to design the lighting for the ME Hotel installation, we significantly increased the number of uplighters and included a range of LED battens to add extra vibrancy. The uplighters were used as a total colour wash on the walls and ceilings throughout the trendy bar area. The combination of blue and red colour washes depicted the Volt brand perfectly, thus providing a fully immersive experience. 

Outside of the venue, we installed a large screen, which showcased the all-new brand video. LED battens were installed at floor level to illuminate the media area. Here, celebrities paused upon arrival to pose for the paparazzi.

While the lighting specification for this job remained relatively small, the results speak volumes. The shear wash of colours and clarity were ideal for this vibrant and electrifying new collaborative brand.

TPP is a The Launch Event Lighting Supplier for London and Global Brands

The Production People have been the launch event lighting supplier for brands in London and worldwide for over 20 years.

We supply lighting, rigging, power and AV equipment for all size PR launches and brand events. So, whether you are planning a small launch event in a boutique hotel, or you are a global brand set to embark on a huge project, we are here to offer full technical production support.

By welcoming The Production People into your core event team, we will provide professional technical production. Our services include:

  • Site visits to assess the venue’s access, overhead space, existing rigging, floor area, layout and power supply.
  • Detailed floorplans and 3D visuals of how the event space will work with the lighting equipment, staging, furniture and any props you may have, such as media stands.
  • Complete technical specification, including lighting, rigging and sound equipment, cabling, generators, power distribution units, network systems, and personal audio devices. We also supply translation equipment for bilingual events, allowing the delegates to listen to a live translation.
  • Filming and virtual event software to broadcast your event live or record it for future marketing materials. Our virtual event platforms are ideal for international launch events, as it allows real-time in-the-room Q&A and breakout sessions.

If you require an experienced and thorough launch event lighting supplier and technical event production, be sure to contact us, we won’t disappoint!

Involve TPP Early to Reap the Benefits of 0ur Technical Production Expertise

By involving the team at The Production People early on, you can prevent any unforeseen issues relating to lighting, rigging, AV and power. The sooner we are involved, we’ll begin to develop an immersive design for your launch event lighting, while maximising your available budget.  

As a local launch event lighting supplier in London, we are familiar with many of the leading venues. Therefore, you can be rest assured you are working with an experienced and insightful team. 

To find out more about The Production People and our launch event lighting services in London, please contact us on 01264 889 934 or email

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