Video Production

Supercharged Conferences With Professional Video Production

Conference video production takes your conference to the next level of audience engagement.

By filming your conference, you’re securing the content has longevity and potentially engaging a wider online audience. With our conference video production services, you can stream live, or record your event to publish later. Alternatively, you may simply choose to record your conference as a referencing tool.

How TPP Can Help

Conference video production is part of our turnkey technical event production services. From using multiple static cameras to providing a full camera crew, we can professionally film, record and stream your conference content to engage a wider online audience.

Whether you are planning to live stream your event to an online audience, or film, record and edit it for publishing at a later date, we can provide a range of solutions to meet your requirements.

conference video production
conference video production
conference video production

Not Just Filming

Video production isn’t all we offer, we also provide a full range of services for corporate events, including:

conference AV

The Options

When it comes to your conference video production, we have all your requirements covered. We offer a range of equipment and solutions to suit your desired outcome and our professional crew will ensure the final production is on point.

TPP conference video production offers:

  • Professional crew
  • Multi-camera angles
  • Broadcast lighting
  • Set and stage lighting
  • Rigging and truss
  • Set and stage design and build / green screen
  • 4G back-up network for high speed streaming
  • Comfort monitors for presenters
  • Complete audio visual package
  • On stage furniture
  • Streaming package for in-room and external presenters.

International Coverage

We are no strangers to international travel when it comes to producing conferences. As a result, we are able to share our global expertise with all of our clients. So, if you are expecting to take your conference on the road, air or sea, our international event production services will provide consistency, excellent value and a high standard of production.

conference production crew

Pro Crew

Our professional video production crew make up our wider technical team. As a result, we can provide a plethora of expertise. Here is a list of our professional video production crew.

  • Production Manager
  • Floor Manager
  • Camera Operators
  • Vision Director
  • Set Builder
  • Audio Technician
  • Lighting Technician

Conference Video Production Packages

Each conference video production package is unique, as everyone has a different wish list. However we do offer some guidance regarding pricing on our virtual event production page, where we show three options for a one day video shoot. This provides some guidance as you enter your journey to conference video production.

Need More Info?

If you would like to find out more about our virtual conference production, or any of our other services, please contact the TPP team, who would be delighted to help.