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Stage, Set and Lighting

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Capture the attention of your audience with professional conference design. Here at TPP, we design and build sets for conferences and corporate events worldwide.

It’s our passion for delivering an engaging experience through design and technology that has given businesses a platform to communicate their messages to both a live and virtual audience.

We’ve worked across all sectors to provide conference design, including pharmaceutical, finance, broadcast, sales, communications, motorsport and gaming, the list goes on.

Ultimately, we know how to maximise your branding and audience engagement, no matter what sector you fall into. Our priority is to convey your messages through well consider conference design.

Conference Set and Stage Design

The focal point of your conference design is of course the set and stage. To get this right, we work with our clients and the chosen venue to design a set and stage that maximises the space, but does not dominate.

Starting with a site visit, we create a floor plan that incorporates the set and stage, delegate seating, lighting rig, AV equipment and any other equipment/staging necessary for your event.

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Professional Event Lighting

Professional event lighting is a fundamental requirement when designing a conference. At TPP, our creative event lighting designers develop schemes that convey your brand, and set the tone for your event.

For example, dynamic lighting design can distinguish between different:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Topics
  • Daytime and evening entertainment

It can also direct attention and create a mood.

Your event lighting can be as theatrical as necessary to get your point across. We see more and more conferences becoming showman-like to really help deliver those core messages.

In addition to dynamic lighting, we use ambient architectural lighting to set the tone and provide an immersive brand experience. This lighting genre is used throughout the conference room or set to colour wash walls, ceilings and features.

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Stage Furniture and Finishing Touches

Furnishing your stage is all part of the set and stage design and build service. We stock a range of items, such as:

  • Seating for the panel (chairs or stalls)
  • Digital lectern, which can display your logo or imagery on the front panel
  • Desk and chairs
  • Interview style seating

Finishing touches, such as additional screens are provided as part of the technical event production.

Conference Design to Engage a Live and Virtual Audience

Today’s conference design has to cater for two types of audiences – the virtual audience that cannot travel and to those in the room (we call them the in-person audience).

Working with our virtual event production team, we ensure our conference design translates just as beautifully on screen, as it does in person.

The art to meeting the needs of both audiences comes from our experience in broadcast, architectural and set and stage lighting, coupled with our expertise in video production.

Guide to producing a virtual event

Necessary AV Equipment

The look and feel of your conference production will largely be driven by the Audio Visual (AV) equipment. This includes:

  • Screens
  • Lighting
  • Projection
  • Controls
  • Tablets and laptops

Our technical production department ensure that your conference features all the necessary AV equipment to engage your audience.

From ensuring there are an adequate number of screens in the room for a clear view of a presentation, to providing tablets for audience participation.

We use AV technology to provide a contemporary conferencing experience for everyone.

Technical Production for Conference Design

Technical production and conference design go hand in hand. To create the look and feel for your conference, technical solutions, such as lighting, projection, AV and screens will create the overall look.

You can find out more on our technical production page.

How we Address Sustainability?

Responsible Hospitality is at the forefront of our conference design services. We endeavour to use sustainable methods to reduce our impact on the environment.

By incorporating more tech, including professional lighting and AV equipment we can reuse sets to reduce waste for a range of conferences, yet still provide a very distinguished look.

You can read more tips and advice on sustainable corporate event production in our insight pages.

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