Hybrid Events

Live and Online Audience Engagement

Hybrid events are designed to capture the engagement of a live and online audience.

Essentially, a hybrid event involves live streaming your content online, while simultaneously addressing your in-person audience.

As we enter an ever-increasing virtual world, this event format is fast becoming the norm for conferences, product launches, training events, live entertainment, award ceremonies and music events.

To really pull off a hybrid event, you will need a professional technical crew, who understand how to produce an engaging experience for an in-person and online audience. That’s where TPP come in. We can provide full technical production for hybrid events, including:

  • The necessary camera and video production crew
  • Video and filming equipment
  • Live streamingequipment as necessary to stream live or pre-recorded content to internet
  • Audio equipment and headsets
  • Lighting
  • 4G back-up system which takes over seamlessly should the existing internet fail during a live stream
  • Laptop for accepting questions and comments from your online audience

Understandably you may have some questions about how Hybrid Events work, so we’ve tried our best to answer some of the FAQ below.

How do the online audience engage in hybrid events?

The online viewers can feel part of the live event via TPPs online Q&A set-up. A dedicated email account will take questions and comments from online viewers, which will be fed in a bite-size format directly to the presenter’s laptop.

Can the content be the same?

When planning your content for your hybrid event, it needs to appeal to your online and live audience. Keep the content to the point and visually simple. Before taking to the stage for real, we will give you time to rehearse and make sure you feel confident.

During the filming, we encourage presenters to address the cameras from time to time, but stay focussed on those in the room, who have taken the time to travel to your event.

What will the online audience see?

In a conference scenario, slide content containing essential information can be streamed online in a split screen format. For product launches and live entertainment, we can use multiple cameras to seamlessly cut from one view to another, drawing the focus to key elements within your live streamed presentation.

To find out how we can support your hybrid event, please contact The Production People. Talk to us on 01264 889934 or email hello@theproductionpeople.co.uk.